Hobby Lobby and Religious Zealots Are a Threat to Equality- As are Anti-Choicer’s & Their Lies

I am an artist so I will be the first to admit I shamefully unknowingly used to shop at Hobby Lobby. I would like to make it loud and clear, however, that I shall never step foot in any of their stores, ever again. I’ll go even further to explain why both men and women should cease spending any money at a backwards thinking, biased, religion driven corporation.

If it were religion based, that would be fine; the problem arises because they are letting their religious beliefs impact the health of their employees. Not only this, but they are granting men care that is not necessary to their sexual health (i.e., Viagra doesn’t stop the woman from getting pregnant), while refusing women the right to birth control! In an upcoming video, I will be exposing (yes, with credible resources) exactly why the idea that this is no big deal and contraception isn’t expensive, and other deceptive lies about birth control are nothing but Anti lies, trying to get society to ignore a very serious issue by doing their favorite thing; lying. But that video is for a later time.

OK! Back on track!

Before we dive into the world of exposing Anti-Choicers deceptions regarding birth control and this ruling, let’s start up with a bit of quick case history.

Obviously, Hobby Lobby stand as the plaintiff in this case, along side a few other for-profit corporations. Hobby Lobby employs thousands of people, however, on the larger scale, this alone won’t ruin woman on its own. But it’s a huge red flag waving in the air for all women, and men, to ensure no one can take our rights of medical coverage away (or whatever else) based on their personal religious beliefs.

What is troubling to me is the five Supreme Court Justices whom agreed that birth control as health care for women is something in which any private company may deny their employees if they simply pull their religious card out. This leads me to the really scary part.

What will ruin women’s health care if we allow Hobby Lobby or anyone else to get away with this, is when do the religious claims become ineligible? What if, for some reason, larger corporations decided to plead this religious claim? And to complicate the issue even more for Fox News watching Christians; what if they were Muslim? 

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—citing Guttmacher Institute’s amicus brief, making it more than clear that the government feels very intensely and strongly for the case of women being given the contraceptive coverage we deserve. This policy is apparently one the government feels, “very strongly” about.
I don’t know if that’s true or not. I think women and men need to be afraid of the fact that these religious zealots are now getting into corporations and taking away basic health care and preventive medication simply by saying they are _____ religion. If this became a trend -gods forbid- this would bring utter devastation to not only women, but men as well.
Religion should not be allowed anywhere but in their own houses and in their place of worship; it should not be acceptable for them to preach fire and brim stone at people who have more important things going on; just as it is not acceptable for them to try and scare women out of abortion or using some form of birth control. Keep religion out of schools, out of the government and out of all medical facilities!
I’ll end with a quote by The Guttmacher Institute regarding the latest choice made by the Supreme Court.

“Decades of scientific evidence and the life experiences of millions of women show that contraception enables women to prevent unintended pregnancies and to plan and space wanted pregnancies. That, in turn, has numerous health benefits for mothers and babies and promotes women’s educational, economic and social advancement.”