Then You Really Might Know What It’s Like… Abortion is Not Wrong & You’re Not Evil, Ladies.

“…She heads for the #clinic & she gets some static walking thru the doors. They call her a #killer & they call her a #sinner   & they call her a #whore _GOD FORBID YOU EVER HAD 2 WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES;;; CUZ **THEN** YOU REALLY MIGHT KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE 2 HAVE 2 CHOOSE!”-  See below

First, if you’ve had an abortion or are considering an abortion, you are not a killer, sinner, whore, murderer, bad person, evil or any thing like that. This song brought tears to my eyes; I remember listening to it when it first came out many years back, and never did I think I’d relate to it. But then again, who does? I love the meaning for each story in this song; and for the blind that meaning is: you have no right to judge any one!

Whether your abortion was early or late trimester, whether you are happy and relieved, or sad and grieving; no matter how you respond…it is okay. You are not evil, you are NOT A BAD PERSON! More to come soon, just please remember this.
And I don’t know about you, but to me, it’s the people who judge others that are doing wrong; not the ones who are making a choice that they feel in their hearts is for the best. And no, “God” doesn’t punish you. For one you did nothing wrong. Oh, and let me say this: Toni Braxton has lost all my respect; what a disgusting excuse for… *shuts up*.
If your Christian God does punish women for a medical procedure; he’s not one I’d want to worship, anyway. (But he never mentions abortion in the bible, the only times it is hinted at is in accepting light. His followers are a bit misinformed.)
And yes, around 1% will regret abortion; but that means around 99% do NOT regret their abortion. Of the majority of women I’ve met over the past few years, both online and off, I’ve only met one whom painfully regretted it. She already had kids and the antiabortionists were getting to her and making her feel evil. I don’t know what happened to her. But every other woman I’ve spoke to, well, a great deal of women come to me hurting; mainly because of the words of you heartless anti-choicers and antiabortionists. Women don’t deserve that.
And that is why I am here. To give facts, and to try with all of my heart to remind women; YOU ARE EVERYTHING EXCEPT WHAT THEY SAY YOU ARE!
Fast-Forward to 1 minute 30 seconds to hear the story quoted at the top. I support the entire song, but for those just wanting to hear the abortion verses, 1:30 is your time 🙂 Blessings…