The Teacher Whom Raped Cherice Moralez, Leading to her Suicide, to be Re-Sentenced

Prison statistics, both state, federal and private reveal rapists and those who have committed sexual assault are very highly unrepresented; making up an entire 1% of the prison population. They get to walk around free, but because they are “registered” as a sex offender, we are supposed to feel safe letting our children run around and play outdoors. That’s not how it works. And sadly, it isn’t just playing outdoors… Let me explain.
rape is not acceptable

I truly hope the name Cherice Moralez has not been forgotten by anyone… If so, let me remind you; she is a young teenager whom took her own life after her rapist (whom was her 47 year old teacher) was going through trial. A trial, I might add, that not only tried to place the blame for her rape on her, but one that ended with the “man” only serving 30 days in jail.

Though I won’t go on about it in this post I must add; because Miss Cherice Moralez ended her life, I believe he should also be held accountable and prosecuted for the role he played not only her emotional distress, but in her death. If not for him, and his greedy, sordid and sociopath behavior. Moving on though….

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Rambold admitted attacking the poor young teenager. Yet still she was at least as guilty as he was, so the lie the rapist -and the sick Judge- wanted others to believe. Any one with a brain -or just a heart- didn’t fall for it.

Not only was this a horrific and tragic case because a young, innocent life was lost, but also because the Judge had the audacity to say many cruel, apathetic things; things that alone prove his biased, sexist view of women. Moreover, the sentence of only 30 days, he stated, was given on the basis that she looked to be “older than her chronological age”….!

I won’t even go into how evil, incorrect, immoral, sexist, horrific that statement alone was. You should be able to see the injustice yourselves as it is beyond clear.

To my surprise, though; the Associated Press has reported the Montana Supreme Court Chief, Justice Mike McGrath, has set in motion what is long over due. Justice McGrath read from his prepared censure statement* to Judge G. Todd Baugh the following statement *[censure statements are a rarely used public declaration only allowed to be used by the state’s highest court when it is suspected another judge is guilty of some form of misconduct] :

“We have determined that, through your inappropriate comments, you have eroded public confidence in the judiciary and created an appearance of impropriety in violation of the Montana Code of Judicial Conduct,” McGrath said.


Additionally, the Montana Supreme Court ordered Judge Baugh be suspended from a practicing judge for 31 days, starting in December of 2014. However, Baugh has noted he plans to retire after December, anyway, so not much good that late-term suspension is. I suppose it is better than nothing, however.

Those prosecuting the case are aiming for a mere two years…better than a month, but not enough time for someone whom truly poses a threat to others.

And of course, needless to say, attorney’s for Rambold are against the re-sentencing; pulling mindless thoughts out of their ass; their reason for believing the 30 day sentence was just and should be the end of it, is because, a new sentence could only cause, “confusion and uncertainty for all parties.”

While Judge Baugh felt he was at a very low risk of re-offending, he still was to stay away from young girls…something which he failed at.

Now, before I move on to what is going to happen to the rapist, let me make a note of the socially ‘accepted’ sexism this judge, like others, maintain (argue with that fact if you want, but until you can give me a good reason why more rapists are not in prison for more than a few months at most, you’ve got nothing worth hearing).

Back to Judge Baugh for a moment, then. It was during his explaining of why he would only be sentencing this rapist to serve 30 days in jail that he also revealed his lack of sympathy, compassion and care for women and all victims for that matter.
His reason for the extra light, even by American standards, “sentence” -if one can call it that- goes as follows: first, it was repeated through out the trial that she, quote, “looked older than her chronological age”. The judge took this a step further during sentencing; basically saying she was partly to blame for her own victimization, due to her appearance.

Because she looked older than 14, it no longer was rape, instead, appearing to be older made her, in part, guilty as well. That is the stupidest, most disgustingly sexist thing I’ve heard in some time… Oh no, wait… He finished it off with what topped what I thought was the untoppable, when he claimed because of her older appearence, she was, again I quote, “as much in control of the situation” as Rambold, her rapist.


This makes my blood boil. Age, clothes, flirting (I could go on) – none of makes the rape victim responsible for rape. Even if you are afraid to say No to your attacker; if it was unwanted, it was rape.

Had Cherice been 25, 56, 18, 21 or 47 years of age; there still would be absolutely NO justification for this claim that she is to blame. Additionally, age (along with things noted and not noted) does not give men the right to sexually abuse or assault, or rape women, and get away with it!

Men use excuses which make me literally fill ill. Stupid, mindless things such as, “men can’t control themselves”, “she looked too good”, “secretly, she wanted it”, “she was ‘asking for it’ by wearing that skirt”, and so forth. Men are not heartless, brain-dead, lust controlled monkeys. They can be loyal to their partner or spouse; they can resist temptation, they can not even find temptation because of being devoted to their other half; and last but not least, no man with a conscience could ever, ever RAPE a girl or woman. If the urge to rape is so strong and the man can actually do it and feel what he did was acceptable, to me that screams out sociopath, it screams out a man with no conscious… And it is for people like this we should be using our prisons for.

Instead of actually placing those whom are a threat to society behind bars, the American Legal System would rather waste money and ruin more lives all across America by locking away, on mandatory sentences that are shaming, non-violent drug offenders instead. Over 55% of our prison population is made up of drug offenders. That is insanity; they should be given help, and the government should stop providing the drugs to the poorest communities as the CIA has admitted they did. Lives, safety, dignity…those are not the principals they stand for. Oh, no. They stand for money and “cleansing”. [Google it.]

Back to the fates of Judge Baugh and child rapist Rambold.
Time moved on, action continued to be made through the likes of protests and emergency filings from prosecutors regarding this degrading Judge and his behavior. After time, Judge Baugh finally issued his “real reason” for the sentence, and an apology for his remarks. In addition, he also wanted to “attempt to make amends” for the injustices he wrongfully claimed at the time. I’m touched. Aren’t you?
It isn’t over yet, thankfully. Action does pay off; remember that!
In April, the Supreme Court of Montana ordered a new sentencing over the case and the fate of the rapist Ramold be held. Judge Baugh wanted to review the case and give the rapist a sentence closer to what he deserved all along: the originally suggested 15 years in prison. However, the Supreme Court of Montana will not allow Judge Baugh to sentence him again or work on the case.
Instead, they have set it up so Rambold will have the case reviewed and a new sentence given by another Judge by the name of Judge Randal Spaulding. The re-sentencing is set to take place September 26 of this year.

In addition to the censure, the Montana Supreme Court also suspended Baugh for 31 days, effective in December. Baugh has said he plans to retire at the end of his term in December.


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