Please Beware of Fake Abortion Clinics & CPC – Here is Why…

safe abortionWomen, especially in states like Texas, watch out for CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Centers) and OTHER FAKE CLINICS! Here is what you need to know, and what to avoid both online and off. And this is not just me talking because I am pro-choice and pro-abortion; CPC and fake clinics lying are documented FACTS. Post on that soon; for now….

(click the photo below to go to the website for more info, …another site to visit regarding this is here.)

cpc is not abortion it is liesWhy avoid CPC? Crisis Pregnancy Centers do not even let you mention or consider the idea of abortion. If that doesn’t bother you, the fact that they LIE to “win” your confidence, should bother you. Along with the information in the photo below, which has been  *proven* time and time again, by countless women, some even are on video or audio.cpc lies

Now, maybe abortion is NOT for you; THAT IS OKAY! Abortion is not for everyone!

However, TRUTH should be mandatory;

fear tactics should NOT be used, ever and you should be able to go to someone who will not judge you or make you try to feel bad; who will not try to limit or force your choices.

lies and manipulation

You need to watch out for these fake clinics both online and off; please, do not fall victim to their lies and deceit whether you have an abortion or not!

You deserve to go to someone who will be kind, understanding and give you all options; allowing YOU to make the choice, whatever that may be. But your life should be taken into consideration, too!

Crisis Pregnancy Centers and other fake clinics do not work this way.

Instead they want you to go by their religious beliefs and do what THEY believe, not once asking if it is right for you. If you dare mention abortion, be prepared for an onset of lies and verbal putdowns. They do not take into consideration YOUR feelings or your LIFE; if they did, they would understand everyone is different, and everyone, regardless of belief, should be entitled to make their own choice when it comes to their future and their body.

So in advance, be warned. If you come across these people (and there are plenty in Texas) – they will attempt to fool you by lying, guilt trips and did I mention, insanely false information? They WILL use every guilt and scare tactic available to get you to do what they want; which is, force you to have the child, keep it or give it up for adoption. I would rather die than give my child up for adoption – that pain no child deserves.

Here are a few info graphs and following that I have provided resources available 24/7 anonymously, that offer ALL from abortion to adoption to keeping the baby yourself- they LISTEN but let YOU make the choice; unlike the Crisis Pregnancy Centers and other FAKE CLINICS. Please, please watch out for these. They go by many names, the most popular at the moment, though, is the CPC.

Obtaining accurate information regarding abortion online is hard; because of this, I have worked on and am continuing to work on a list of resources that will talk to you about ALL options; INCLUDING abortion. For these resources, please click HERE. It will open in a new page… Contact me if you need more guidance and I will respond within 12-24 hours max; if it is an emergency, please put that in your subject line.

I am absolutely outraged at the state of this country. We have women in Texas (and other states) DYING because hallways are not wide enough in abortion clinics. Because medication cannot be obtained so they are going to the black market and overdosing. Coat hangers are real and are back. I know all too well because I speak with these women-for free and happily- daily.

We need help. Resources are depleting. Are you so called Pro-Life? Then why are you letting women of all ages DIE for a fetus? A fetus which is, the idea of life. A fetus is not a child until it takes its first breath, even the bible so many of you shove down others throats states that!

hypocrite and religion Once the fetus is developed into a child and born, you then forget the child and continue to harass and mock women. How kind and “godly” of you. Yes, I am Spiritual and a Pagan, something Christians have said I am evil for. Well let me say this; I fight with all my soul to help save women from accidentally killing themselves because of ridiculous laws and other hurtles you anti-lifers put in women’s way. Is that really evil, or is it the one who lets them go and die evil? I say the latter.

Abortion does not stop, it does not decrease, it does NOT END when it is made illegal ALL IT DOES is put women’s lives in IMMINENT danger unless they are lucky enough to live in an intelligent state OR have the ability to get to another state for help.

I know those who are anti-choice and not mean or cruel. However, allowing women to die because they can’t obtain a safe, legal abortion – no matter if you harass them or not – is not something I can say anything kind about.

If I had been in Texas a few months later and needed an abortion, I would be dead by the hand of suicide and obviouly so would the fetus because it depends on MY LIFE to LIVE! I planned on dying before I gave birth if I was not able to have an abortion because it was wrong for me and it sure as hell was wrong for a child to be brought into this world at that time; I LOVE kids too much to bring them into a hell they don’t deserve!

How is that PRO-LIFE of you; to deny women the health care we NEED?!

Sorry to all the women reading this in need of help; I am very angry at how hypocritical these people are. This is yet another reason you should not let their cruel words get you down; they are not right in the head. You are not bad, not a murderer, not evil; you are a good woman doing the best you can; keep at it!

But beware. They lurk and try to trick many. Below I have pasted some information on FAKE clinics; something very real both online and in person that ALL WOMEN should be made aware of. (Links follow)

What to watch out for:

There are some places out there that call themselves clinics, but don’t actually perform abortions.  These “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” are often listed in phone books under Abortion or Abortion Alternatives. They also show up when you do Internet searches for “abortion.” They often will offer you free pregnancy tests or free ultrasounds, but the people who perform these services are not doctors.  The crisis pregnancy centers are anti-abortion and they will try to convince you not to have an abortion, often by giving you false information about the risks or costs of abortion. To protect yourself, you should never give your medical information to anyone who is not a doctor or working for a doctor’s office.

How can you be sure a clinic is a real clinic?

Ask on the phone if they provide or refer for abortion services. Avoid centers that refuse to give a straightforward answer.

Ask whether they have doctors or nurses on staff. Just like you would for any clinic, ask what training the doctors have received. If their answers seem suspicious, trust your gut.

Be careful when surfing the web. Often you will find anti-abortion religious websites disguised as pro-choice information. Keep searching for reliable information or use the sites listed above. – from FUNDABORTIONS

And as noted, if you need my help, email me. If you cannot locate my email address, please contact me via youtube.

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