My Late-Term Abortion; Writings From the Day Before and After

Here are two videos of two pieces of my uncensored writings from the day before my late-term abortion. Part two includes the day after my surgical abortion, please be sure to watch it to see how it turned out. ABORTION IS NOT EVIL, AND YOU ARE NOT A BAD WOMAN!

I can’t post it, for some reason, as a video, and I have to go study so, here are the youtube links until I can fix that 🙂

Part 1 ->

Part 2 ->

These videos are from journal entries written by the ‘old’ me- the woman who had no idea about women’s rights and abortion. I’ve changed a lot since then thanks to a wonderful woman at Abortion Support Network whom told me to consider checking out activism for women after my abortion. She is my hero, forever and I owe her many thanks.

Women write me and seem to think I am strong. While I am confident now, very confident, when it comes to abortion, I wasn’t always this way. When you go through it the first time it is scary, especially with so many hateful people outside the clinic and online. I was scared and even thought it was my “place” (it seems) to give birth. IT IS NOT! No woman should give birth simply because they are pregnant! That is absurd, and I am honestly rather shocked at my ignorant thinking prior my abortion.

I am thankful for my abortion because it has opened my eyes and now I will fight for the right to have an abortion safely til the day I die. For, I am TRULY pro-life. A woman’s life matters more than a fetus; an IDEA and developing being. Her life comes first. She has a LIFE both prior that day and in the future. What she needs, for whatever reason, is what matters.

Counseling and not abortion? No. I’ve been in counseling since age 6. It hasn’t helped. So you know. Therapy is not the answer to everything, hate to break it to those of you who have never had a truly hard life.

In these two videos I read two pieces I wrote both the day before, and the day after, my late-term abortion.  I get asked a lot if I now regret my abortion. No. I feel relief. I feel sadness for women who are in the same place I was but without the safe options I had almost 2 years ago. Some days I do wonder what me and my husband’s lives would be like had I had a child. But there is no sadness. I know what that child would be enduring right now, and no child, NOT ONE, deserves it. Not one child deserves to see blood, much less their mother slitting her own wrists, that is, if I had even made it through pregnancy at all.

There is no wrong reason to have an abortion unless it is not what you want. This is not my full story; but it is part of it. It takes you to my mind state at the time and it, I hope, will show you…I haven’t always been so “strong” as women often refer to me. I haven’t always been as confident in this as I am now. It didn’t take long for me to become as I am now, but the first abortion was the hardest. The second, which is not really mentioned, was much easier because I knew nothing had changed, and no child should be here under these conditions.

Remember, whether you have an abortion or not, you are not a bad woman. You are not a murderer or anything else these anti-choicers (I refuse to call them pro-life) say.

You are a good woman, doing the best you can. No matter why you have had or want to have or are having an abortion; YOU ARE NOT A MURDERER; YOU ARE A GOOD, CARING WOMAN. Listen to your heart. You’re not evil…

4 thoughts on “My Late-Term Abortion; Writings From the Day Before and After

  1. Die bitxch how about I kill you how you killed your unborn child or fetus. Stick you in a vascymm and cut u up in a million prices. Fuck u and u will burn in hell for what u did. Again die bwitch die!

    1. lol!!!!!!! awwww how respectable and intelligent you are! hahaha, speaking honestly now, i only am replying because you 1) can’t type or spell and 2) made me laugh with your insanity lol.
      Abortion is not murder but your welcome to come try and attempt*** to kill a REAL living being – me -. I’d like to see you try. That’s all your hypocritical, hate filled, straight up moronic and cruel sort know how to do… Be violent; be it in person or online; holding views and opinions based on nothing but self-made lies you call truth because you want them to be truth. As you’ve no argument, your kind does what a typical abuser or numb minded person does; name call, curse, scream, act beyond barbaric and uneducated; doing all but practice what your so called book and/or your so called ‘beliefs’ claim.
      Thing is; you can’t hurt me. Abortion is a blessing and has been for 1000s upon 1000s of years. Ancient Egyptian knew of it’s use, as did America until Christians decided they were bored and needed drama.
      So try calling me names lol, come ‘try and cut me into pieces’ like a savage ape instead of simply disagreeing and moving on with your life. I can promise you, I’ll not see a word of it, nor shall I ever think of this comment/post or you again. Your words roll off me faster than the pouring rain, for I am proud of my abortionS, I support women who want abortion, and I am a medical student whom will soon be GIVING abortions.
      Your type only makes me sick or laugh. You, you made me laugh. That’s no compliment though dear. That means I think you are beyond any hope of education or intelligence.
      Thanks for the laugh though! lmao

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