Undercover Audio Exposes More Deception and Intimidation used by Anti Protesters and CPC or Crisis Pregnancy Centers

It is vital women know the truth about all of their options when pregnant. Anti-abortionists and anti-choicers to fake “abortion clinics” such as the CPC or Crisis Pregnancy Ceners are not the place to go for this truth as we shall see. When considering options, abortion is crossed out. You are expected to be a ‘good girl’ and have the baby and either keep it or give it to foster care. If abortion is mentioned, lies are told.

In the below undercover audio clip anti-choicers and anti-abortionists alike are exposed, once again, lying and intimidating women who want to obtain an abortion. Abortion may not be for everyone but for those of us it is right for, we should be able to obtain one without harassment.

I understand and support free speech, but there is a fine line between free speech, hate speech and verbal assault/abuse. Attacking women -especially during a sensitive time- should be considered abuse or verbal assault and they should all be hauled away. This type of harassment has gone further than simple freedom of speech and even surpassed hate speech; this is in our face intimidating lies.

Please remember, all of the things these anti’s claim are not true. You are not a bad person nor are you a murderer- if they have to depend on these false claims along with fire and brimstone fear tactics to try and get women to run from abortion, that alone shows they are frauds.

They shouldn’t be taken seriously, they are heartless for being able to do what they do to women, and don’t deserve a second thought or glance from any one that respects themselves; they aren’t worth it. Your future matters, and bringing a child into this world is a major responsibility. Only you, in your heart, know what is right to do. If it is abortion, late term or not, that’s okay. Never, ever think these horrible people know you well enough to call you names; they don’t for what they call us, we are not. Stay strong, be proud of the strong, loving woman you are and don’t give them a second thought.

But do be aware of their lies….

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