If Abortion’s To Be Made Illegal Again, It’s Time We Start to Educate Ourselves & Save the Lives of Women During BackAlley Abortions

Lately, I’m sad to say, I’ve been getting a great deal of emails from women sharing with me they are unable to access medical help for an abortion. I feel so helpless and guilty, and angry. I feel deeply sad, and scared, for these women because I have also spent a lot of time thinking what if my pregnancy happened now… In certain states I’d end up going ahead and fulfilling my former plan to take my life. I was lucky and blessed enough to obtain an abortion. Sadly, too many women are not as blessed, especially because of these insane and ridiculous laws put in place by anti-abortionists and go to medical schoollaw makers that think they have been to medical school and want to play doctor. Prime example; Rick Perry. (Disgusting.)

So, I decided I was going to try and get as much information as I could, while also seeing if it was really as complicated and hard to obtain life saving information from pro-choice / pro-abortion organizations.

The word outraged and furious do not describe what I felt after I did this little “test”.

I understand that they feel the need to cover their “medical ass” but when a woman is going to do an abortion at home, a self induced abortion, and she calls you for help and you refuse to give her the potentially life saving information- how can you say you truly care for life; the life of women? The woman is going to do it either way, you know the amount of medication needed, but refuse to say it? Not to mention a clinic in my home town of Brooklyn, NY (11208) had one woman degrade me as she told me she’d not share the information.

Here is a 2 min and some change video I made during a break while calling around yesterday. It’s a random anger rant at how women are treated. And in the end, I have found people and places that offer help. It’s just some of these places, were too afraid and worried about themselves to offer life saving knowledge. Which is sickening.

Shame on each one of you. I am happy to report the day ended fairly well,

I suppose, as there were more helpful clinics and organizations than not across America.

Still, it was a hassle I would not have been able to handle during my pregnancy. It was a hassle no woman should have to even think or worry about going through; abortion should be available if she wants one, safe, and accessible.

But since anti-choicers and anti-abortionists want to make abortion illegal (not stop abortion, because you can’t stop abortion, they just want it illegal) because it makes them feel they’ve achieved something. All they have achieved is more death.But as it was between 1900 and 1973 when abortion was illegal, as long as they don’t have to know about the numbers of women whom are dying (which, also is taking away the ‘precious fetus’ they only care about while in the woman, but forget about after birth is given); then they are happy. They truly are ignorant, and bliss truly falls upon those with this type of ignorance. Tragically.

However, unlike last time they made abortion illegal (and they will do so if we don’t take some serious action) we have the internet. A place where we can speak and meet with anyone; from any where in the world. Knowledge at our finger tips.

We need to have the knowledge of how to do a safe, self induced abortion. Be it late term or early. Because women are going to do it either way; women are already dying because of these bans; but they have no reason to, because we have a means of communication and a way to share knowledge like never before…

And we need to utilize it.

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