Join in the Taco or Beer Challenge and Help a Woman Recieve the Abortion She Wants and Needs!

It may have started as a joke on twitter, but now it is a trend I hope only grows in numbers of participants. The ” Taco or Beer Challenge “ is very real, from YouTube videos to Photos and Twitter/Facebook Status. How to join in is simple.

1.) Grab a beer. Drink.

2.) Grab a taco. Eat.

3.) Make a donation to a clinic or organization to help women obtain the safe abortions they deserve; which is being made more and more difficult in too many states due to antiabortionists and local governments. What I don’t understand is the majority of Americans support abortion or at least the right for a woman to make a choice; so why are these abusive, manipulative and at times truly murderous anti’s doing trying to take control of our bodies?

Abortion will go on no matter what, they can deny that as much as they’d like, they can also say it is unsafe, when in fact, abortion is quiet a bit more safe than childbirth.

So, if you are TRULY PRO-LIFE, I encourage you to join the “taco or beer challenge” 🙂 I have a list of organizations you can select from to fund, though the list is far greater than this. If you have any to add, leave it in the comments and for the first time in many a day, I will approve comments 🙂 

Anti’s, don’t bother, I’ve had enough of your sort.

Here is a list provided by FundAbortionNow  *Opens in new window*

A few extra posted here for the aid of women in Texas:

Whole Woman’s Health – Amazing services…

I will be adding a lot more in the near future, right now, join the taco and beer, “challenge” and make a donation to help a woman obtain the medical treatment and care she wants, needs and deserves!

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