Don’t let Radicals spoil your Religion / Wouldn’t that be Heaven

A wonderful piece written by my father in law regarding religion… Remember, any anti that attacks you for being pro-choice, having an abortion or supporting abortion is anything BUT “holier than thou”- they are anything but “better” than you. A person that looks down on others and attacks them with the intent to bring them down emotionally or any other way is not what I would consider a good person at all.
I call myself spiritual, not religious, but I do believe and agree with all my father-in-law wonderfully says in the following post…

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Religion and religious belief is a way of life for millions of people in the world. I am not a theologian but I guess that each religion teaches that love is better than hate and shows a person how to be a better human being.

The problem I have with religion is when it’s misused by governments, organisations and individuals to justify there own agendas. How many Generals over the centuries have said,”Oursis a just war because we have God on our side”, I suppose half of them can justify the slaughter of millions of people and claim that they were right.

The next problem I have with religion is how it’s interpreted; most religions derive from ancient text and have to be interpreted into modern context, the problem is that things get lost in translation and the original message gets lost or distorted.

When teachers of…

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