Abortion is Not Murder: Video- Mental Health Matters- Unwanted Pregnancy & Suicide

A few truths regarding miscarriage, abortion and pregnancy as well as mental health. Anti-abortionists want you to believe having an abortion will spark mental illness within the woman who has one. Actually, decades upon decades of research have proven the exact opposite. Unwanted pregnancies seen through full term have been proven to result in more mental health issues for both the mother and fetus alike; while abortion on the other hand, shows no signs of mental illnesses. Additionally, research has proven the common anti-abortionist ‘fear tactics’ to be nothing more than that; fear tactics. Women do not gain a ‘higher risk of getting cancer’ from having an abortion, early or later on. Also, their claim of it ‘lowering your chance of having children in the future’ is also complete BS. And that’s just getting started. But this video is about mental health, suicide, and abortion; moreover it is about why abortion should be provided for ANYONE whom feels it is right for them, especially those suicidal.
Forced motherhood ruins TWO lives. . . That’s not pro-life. If you don’t care for the woman or the life the fetus/child will be born into, then I can’t see how you have the audacity to call yourself pro”life”.

Link to article cited : HERE

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