A Mother Facing Prison Time For Helping Her Daughter Obtain Abortion Pill

What would you do if you knew your young teenager was pregnant and obviously not ready? What would you do if she was in despair, needing to terminate the pregnancy fast, but having no money to pay for abortion access or a provider close by, so transportation and hotels only raise the amount of money you need to raise.

But what if you could safely and at a cheap price, get medication that would abort the unwanted fetus, saving your child and her future? I can’t speak for you, but I know what I would do; especially if I was a nurse.

Given her circumstances the mother of 3, including her teenage daughter, did the very best she could both for her child and under the circumstances of low income and distant facilities. Abortion may as well be illegal if those struggling with finances in every day life are unable to access and/or afford the medical care sought after. Upon seeing her daughter potentially in need of a doctor the mother decided to take her to a near by hospital due to the over 100 mile journey to the closest abortion clinic to them.

And for doing what she felt was best, which is all any of us can do, she is being punished, as is her 3 children; especially, I presume, her daughter whom needed the abortion. The government has stolen their mother for at most 18 months, and I can only hope and pray the young girl whom the mother helped have an abortion doesn’t blame herself for the governments twisted laws.

I can sort of (see below) understand why the law in PA states only a licensed professional may provide abortions. However, in my opinion, it is going a bit too far when a registered nurse is not allowed to legally give the abortion pill. This is a basic medical procedure which midwives and nurses can and do give out in other states and countries. In fact, how to safely take the abortion pill is information we should be sharing and passing around to any and all who seek it. For they will take the pill either way; there is no need women should have their lives put at risk and definitely no reason any more women should have to continue to die during self induced abortions when we have so much information and resources at our hand.

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