My Social Sites for Abortion and Abortion Related News and FACTS-

abortion is not murder

This site is NOT inactive, quiet the opposite. However, I will be away for a couple of weeks. Quick why:  This time of year is the time of my birth and I am still and it seems I’ve always been battling a suicidal depression… It worsens at this time of year for many reasons, and this year is worse than most for reasons unrelated to abortion (for the anti’s who would WRONGFULLY try to label that as the source of my (c)-ptsd and other issues).

For updates regarding abortion for the time being check out the following Facebook page I recently started, found by clicking HERE. Or, follow me on Twitter by clicking here… As for YouTube, over the course of the next few weeks, I do indeed plan on continuing to make and post a couple of videos. YouTube channel- click here. 

Yes, I will be posting back on here again shortly.

No, I am not “quitting” or “giving up” the fight for safe abortion access and women rights any more than I am giving up fighting for any of my beliefs.

Sorry Antis. =)

Give me a few weeks, and I will return. Thank you for all those who support and understand during times like this. Rock on!

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