What is Pro-Life and What is an Anti-Choicer – *Angry Post Calling Anti’s Out*

*Warning* I am VERY angry in this post- and rightfully so. But if you can’t handle it, I am not forcing you to read it, you’ve been warned. I rarely let Anti’s make me mad; but tonight, I am angry. We deserve better; both women and children. I’ve been reading the news of children being killed by police and orphans being abused and then I see…Anti’s (I do my best not to lie, that is why I will not call them “pro-LIFE” for they are not.) And though the video is a day old, I think it’s rather fitting. (Comments will NOT be read; good or bad, I do not argue online as it is a waste of time. Go rant on your blog.)

This started as a FaceBook rant but I figure; why leave it to FaceBook? I’m back thanks to one of the dearest souls I know… And I’m angry. As I’ve spent the evening reading through my news feeds, catching up on the past two weeks news… I am growing more angry with the lying Anti-Abortion, Anti-Choice movement. I wish no ill will on any, but I am enraged at the audacity they have to say they are “Pro-Life” while letting children die and suffer; while ignoring the FACT that abortion will NOT end because it becomes illegal. It will NOT end because they make the path to the abortion clinic difficult to get to. It will NOT end because it is not affordable or accessible to the majority of women!

What it does and/or will do, is put thousands of women at risk of dying by suicide or by a botched self induced abortion. That is 1 in 3 at risk for death…and yet, you are SO “PRO-LIFE”.

Again; what it does/will do is, as proven prior Roe V Wade, force teens, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, wives…WOMEN to risk death for a procedure that a abortion and birth woman choice pro-choice cpcmedical professional should be assisting in.

Numbers don’t go down but death rates go up. Women who are set on an abortion will 9.5 out of 10 times obtain it. I know I would; or die. 1 in 3 doesn’t change using abortion bans… So again, how are you pro-life? You’re pro-FETUS, anti-CHOICE…

Having a child is not a minor change in your life; and if you give birth it is obviously the biggest event to take place in all of our lives. Babies, children and kids all deserve better than what anti’s want.

And it isn’t just women that deserve better than this; the actual child (once born) deserves better, too.

Let us remember… Abortion was not always illegal in the states, for those who aren’t aware. It wasn’t considered MURDER or a CRIME but normality until

the early 1900s in the states. By the 1880s many states had banned abortion, yet the vast majority of juries refused to convict doctors that performed them. (The reasons for this are broad and will be covered another time; or you can do the research, just make sure your site isn’t undercover CPC….)

If you read early back alley abortion stories (The Worst of Times is a great book for that along with many others) from the early 1900s the women talk about how much easier it was at that time to obtain an illegal abortion than it was after around the 1920s and 30s. Social stigma. Government, corporate and religious lies.

Back to the original rant, sorry…

Anti-choicers, religious or not, for the most part have never failed to show me they have no regard for me as a LIVING BEING. With the exception of a handful, all I have seen from Anti’s is a lie. They wear the tag of “Pro-Life” but don’t live it. After seeing all the outrageous news that continued on even as depression got the best of me (NON-ABORTION RELATED!), I have developed a bit of a “chip on my should” so to speak. I am tired of seeing these fake people and organizations use a name that could not be more unsuitable.

More than ever, I feel RAGE. Rage at cops, for their atrocities (9 year old special needs child harassed by police)…but that’s not unexpected. What I see regarding women’s rights is appalling…but not unexpected either... Given that pattern, I suppose what I see regarding ANTI’S shouldn’t surprise me; but it has.

WHY AM I SO ANGRY AT THEIR CONTINUED DECEPTION? What is making me so angry at ALL Anti’s actively making it known that they think they are worthy of having the privilege of judging others, you ask?

HERE IS YOUR ANSWER. I am angry because they are not only deceptive, not only liars, but they have the audacity to pretend they do! Yes I know, I’ll get emails and complaints that not all anti’s are bad. No, not all anti’s are bad… BUT forcing your belief system or shouting demeaning words or killing doctors…all of that IS bad and IS wrong and IS NOT something that would suggest a person SUPPORTING LIFE!

Examples follow.

What’s up with the ranting, Eve? Why do am I so angry tonight, this is nothing new, you may be thinking. I am more angry than usual tonight because of REAL dead and dying and abused children..

If they gave a damn about LIFE! they’d be trying to save LIVES not FETUSES!

If they gave a damn about LIFE they would be able to comprehend that they can have an opinion, and not attack, lie, deceive and try to hurt and/or con women out of other options. I am firmly against adoption and I’ve got statistics and personal experience to back up why (another day another blog)…however! I still think women should have the right to decide and go with adoption if they feel it is better fit for them. One can believe something is wrong, not engage or support it but still respect and tolerate different views.

I know I am stating my view of Anti’s harshly in this post. I wish they’d prove me wrong. Some do, some are not like this. But those few are becoming even…fewer. And my view of the Anti’s I am talking about (the active and hate-filled, self righteous ones) I am doing it with facts, not name calling, not bashing them for what they believe but instead sharing why their actions mixed with the name “pro-life” is such an enraging joke to me.

There are so many innocent little lives being tortured, abused, neglected, harmed in foster care alone. Why not go help there? Hmm… It is my firm belief that if Anti’s were really the “pro-life” ones, they’d be out fighting for REAL LIVES; and NOT just WOMEN- but BABIES and CHILDREN’S LIVES, too! Believe it or not, I love children- and it is for that reason I also fight for children; not just through abortion, but on many fronts. But I digress.

Over the past few weeks alone, I’ve seen too many ANTI CHOICERS (as I refuse to call them pro-LIFE)- screaming about “LIFE” while ignoring the suffering of LIFE….

There are actual LIVING, BREATHING, IN THIS WORLD NOW INFANTS, BABIES, TODDLERS, TEENS, ETC and going after a terrified, unready woman because they disagree with her choice, be it for religious reason or not,  and i see children starving; children seeking water;… (**NOTE** yes, all over the world, but in AMERICA too!)…

As an activist against police brutality and as someone who follows it closely, again, just within the past few weeks, I see cops are still shooting, beating, harassing (etc) children… they are KILLING children

I’ve been working against that kind of thing since I was 14 years old and I’ve yet to see any Anti-Choice come and call them a murderer even though they actually are, and it is blatantly clear. I see this happening to kids of ALL ages, be it 19 months or 16 yrs old… Yet the protests I’ve not been at and have been at or cases I’ve worked; I’ve never seen any “Pro Life” group there… WHY IS THAT?
The baby who had the grenade tossed in his face by a careless, fruitless cop had to have his face reconstructed; where were the PRO-LIFERS then? They weren’t anywhere I could see, and I was very involved…

I see orphanages and “foster care” bringing in big bucks but grossly neglected and abused…  WHY AREN’T YOU ANGRY AND ACTING TO HELP THESE KIDS? KIDS/INFANTS/LIVES THAT ACTUALLY NEED YOU?

You love life? Why do you not want to help REAL infants (SEEING HOW A FETUS IS NOT A BABY!)? Why are you not protesting the murdering (worldwide -AMERICA TOO!) or abuse or neglect by the cops and government?
Are ya scared of them?
Is that why you pray on the innocent and good hearted; because you are afraid of going that far…life isn’t worth THAT much to you is it?
But women TRYING to do what they believe and feel inside is the right thing…they usually won’t fight back and even if they do, we are scum for it, aren’t we? *Rolls eyes*

Pro-life, you say? Ha.
You attack helpless women who have a developing fetus inside of them, but won’t fight for real children…. yeah. Real caring and compassionate for fellow living beings. Lying, showing fake photos, calling names, insulting, harassing, denying a person the right to choose their OWN destiny and trying to get legislature to pass so 1 in 3 women will have to risk their LIFE to keep their life… THAT IS NOT PRO-LIFE, THAT IS ANTI-LIFE.

And as for abortion? Have you not realized, we are not cattle? We are not here to shove children out mindlessly. We are not here to give birth to a fragile life without a lot of thought, care and consideration. We are not here to give up our lives so that we can give birth even though we don’t want to or are not ready. Our future does not have to end because we are pregnant. Abortion is a viable, good option for many if an unwanted pregnancy occurs; many, including myself.

THAT DOES NOT MAKE WOMEN ‘WHORES’- IT DOES TAKE A MAN FOR US TO GET PREGNANT, BY THE WAY (WHERE IS THE ANGER AT THE ABANDONING ‘FATHERS’ ANYWAY?).  The idea that abortion is used as a means of birth control is insane; anyone who has had an abortion knows that. Hell, most people with a brain know that for most people don’t enjoy medical procedures, especially one that can be emotional (but emotional doesn’t make it wrong). No matter; who the hell are any of these Anti’s to tell another soul what is right for them and the fetus growing within? What disgusting audacity!

Once a woman gets pregnant her life need not be over if she is not ready or does not want to be a mother at that time. Simply because she has unexpectedly and without desire, gotten pregnant (and she didn’t get pregnant alone) doesn’t damn us from living our lives and dreams if we are not ready. Caring enough for children to realize it’d only be a selfish act to bring an innocent little life into this world that doesn’t want or love it; that doesn’t care about it or etc, takes a good hearted woman and a strong woman in today’s world. It does NOT make her a killer! It shows she cares on a level it seems most Anti’s can’t comprehend.

Abortion has been a medical procedure practiced for far longer than many would have you think. The earliest known recording of this MEDICAL PROCEDURE is ca. 1550 BCE, thanks to the Ancient Egyptians. The methods discussed in these texts are not ones of modern day choice of course; not with the medical advancements since at least; (well..not a choice when we have a safe, legal choice, that is) but it is still crucial to know that this sudden outbreak against women and the right to safely access abortion care is just that; sudden. When I say sudden, I mean the past few hundred years. I mean since the introduction and mix of Christianity and corporate government greed came into the picture and mix in the 1800s. Nevertheless, for the earliest information on the abortion procedure and to check out Ancient Egypt’s history and methods for abortion, check out the Ebers Papyrus.

Though obviously we have advanced greatly since the time of the great Ancient Egyptians, it is still important to know and understand that abortion isn’t a new trend. It isn’t murder, it’s a MEDICAL PROCEDURE regardless of what your religion or spirituality is; regardless of if you have none… It doesn’t change what centuries upon centuries tell and show us.
* And for those who believe the Bible, your book calls upon far nastier action than abortion, and doesn’t mention abortion directly at all…Unless you count the stoning to death of pregnant women and such, but that’s not really abortion, more like murdering a woman whom has a developing fetus in her. Since your god allows pregnant women (women and men PERIOD) to be stoned to death or whatever other atrocity…I think logic only would prevail and tell us doing a MEDICAL PROCEDURE is not even in the same league as murdering people at will.