Anti-Choice Comments and Hypocrisy … (Actually a Rather Quick Video For Me lol)

Actually a quick video for once! 🙂 *Only about 4 or so minutes, this is record breaking!!* Heh. Seriously, though…., This video is directed, directly, at all who think it is okay to judge others they don’t know… Even worse in my opinion, are those I am speaking of in this video. And that is, all of you that are against abortion but have in the end “accepted me and mine”  -but no one or a select few else-… as you continue to harass other women, providers or just post propaganda and lies. I have a whole rant on that to post later, don’t worry; it’s not angry like my last post lol… Ahem. Anyhow, here ya go and since Instagram is now also going to be part of my “social networking sites”… check me out here if ya interested!