Domestic Violence and Abortion- Video and Escape….

I’m reblogging this because it is such a crucial topic to me – an anti thinks the american legal system should ban abortion so it can treat women who need abortions just as sick and horrible as they treat drug addicts. So they can ignore the victims of rape or unwanted pregnancy just as they do abusers and abuse victims. Very personal video. This is the beginning of the end of me wanting to get along with the majority of anti’s.

ProAbortion & ProChoice is ProLife

Adding this video because it seems some anti-choicers also think domestic violence victims are being treated well by the American legal system, and that the abusers are being punished. Laughable joke. Yes I speak of abortion, too, of course. Yes I am angry in this video. No one should ever be this heartless as to compare two different worlds, in, yet another attempt to hurt and attack good women.

Women they don’t know or understand.

First, what this “list” is…

Second… Abuse.

They only care about the fetus, not life or what life will be like or is like so it only stands to reason I presume that they don’t care how often abortion saves not only the woman, but the fetus to be child. Sickening people.

Article begins, cited below.
With clinics closing left and right because of anti-abortion legislation, access to safe abortion care is dwindling in the…

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