If Considering Abortion Watch Out For Fake Clinics, CPC, Third Box and Others…

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One of the main things women seeking abortion need to beware of is Fake Abortion Clinics (a list of reliable abortion clinics -some offering options other than abortion- can be found below). I knew very little about reproductive health care and abortion when I first got pregnant. My eyes have been opened widely, we shall say, since then. When I was searching the internet for abortion clinics, I came across many ads for Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC). Thankfully Google and Yahoo have taken them down as sponsored ads now, but their deception is not something I take lightly.

A list of respectable and medical clinic can be found here. Additionally, the FWHC offer a great list of things to look for and not do to stay safe when looking for an abortion clinic. From their website a few of these things include:

How to Recognize Anti-abortion Counseling Centers

The Pearson Foundation manual, How to Start and Operate Your Own ProLife Outreach Crisis Pregnancy Center, urges anti-abortion counselors to give deceptive answers. For example, it cautions, “Do not tell the client that she is or is not pregnant.” Instead, counselors are advised to only say whether test results are positive or negative.

They show shocking and misleading films and pictures of mutilated fetuses and stillborn babies. They won’t let women leave until the end of the video or until they have looked at all the anti-abortion information, even when the woman realizes she has made a mistake going there.

They attempt to make women feel guilty.

They refuse or fail to provide useful comprehensive contraceptive information. The Pearson Foundation manual explicitly instructs

counselors “never to counsel or refer for artificial contraceptives or sterilization.” They advise unmarried women to abstain from sex, presenting abstinence as the only way to avoid pregnancy.

Their offices are filled with information that is one-sided, biased and misleading.

Some of these centers offer ultrasound (also known as sonograms). But that does not mean the personnel operating the equipment are have received quality medical training.

IF you discover you are seeking help from an anti-abortion facility, protect yourself from further harassment. Leave immediately and do not return. When you do locate a professional clinic that offers information about all options, be sure to tell them about your experience at the fake clinic and let them help you sort out the facts from the religious views or outright lies you have been told.

“One person told me about their horrifying experience going to a fake clinic. The name was Open Door, so they expected it to be supportive of women’s decisions regardless. What a nightmare. When the staff person/volunteer came out with the pregnancy test results, she literally ran over to us, “Congratulations – here’s a gift for your new baby.”
“Then they asked us what we wanted to do and my daughter and I said we decided the best thing for her to do was have an abortion and how much would that cost? The two ladies said ‘please wait a minute’ and left us … They came back with a doll and … scissors … and said: ‘this is what your baby looks like now and we want you to start cutting her up because that’s what will happen if you get an abortion – so start cutting!’ I grabbed her and threw the doll at those ladies and got out of there fast! I later found out it wasn’t a real clinic…” (excerpt from Legal but Out of Reach published by the National Network of Abortion Funds)
– – – –
How to Locate a Reliable Honest clinic

Select clinics that provide the full range of contraceptive alternatives.
Ask on the phone if they provide or refer for abortion services. Avoid centers that refuse to give a straightforward answer.
Do not use the ones listed in yellow pages under Abortion Alternatives.
Be cautious when surfing the web. Often you will find anti-abortion religious-based websites disguised as pro-choice information. Keep searching for reliable information.
Select clinics that have clearly established reputations. Avoid centers with ambiguous descriptions. Avoid clinics whose staff do not provide full, clear answers regarding their services. Ask friends or relatives you trust!

The full article and resources can be found on there page.

That’s the threat, or an idea of it. The reason for posting this now is there is a New National Women’s “Clinic” called Third Box Clinics. Claiming to offer unbiased care for women with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s deception is transparent. Do not be fooled by them! Abortion clinics do not force you to have an abortion, they offer many options from adoption to abortion to keeping the pregnancy if that is what you desire.

On the other hand, these fake clinics want to force you into having the unwanted pregnancy, and make you feel less than you deserve to feel and like an evil soul for considering or having an abortion; which is not true.

No woman should be disrespected over abortion.

I’m going to repost more information on why this is a ‘clinic’ not to be trusted… Please share!

New National Women’s Clinic “Third Box” Has Anti-Abortion Past

Third Box Pregnancy Clinics says it offers unbiased care for women facing unplanned pregnancies. But just three years ago, a nonprofit led by the same CEO sued San Francisco for the right to “express anti-abortion views to women.”

Third Box Pregnancy Clinics bills itself as a new national nonprofit “social franchise organization” that is “deeply dissatisfied with the status quo in our country over abortion.”

The name signifies “a space that’s not part of a political movement,” according to Third Box’s website.

Third Box claims it isn’t a crisis pregnancy center — faith-based, anti-abortion nonprofits often accused by abortion rights groups of misleading women — or an abortion clinic.

But Third Box is the descendant of First Resort, a Bay Area network of clinics that has repeatedly come under fire for concealing its anti-abortion stance.

Both Third Box and First Resort share the same CEO, Shari Plunkett. In 1999, Kaiser
Permanente stopped referring women to First Resort after Plunkett told a conservative newspaper that she believed “every woman’s heart is telling her to carry to term, because God has placed truth in her heart, and the truth is that abortion is never the right answer.”

In 2011, Plunkett told supporters in an email that the closing of local abortion clinics prompted “one of the most amazing opportunities we’ve ever had to serve abortion-minded women.”

The same year, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Supervisor Malia Cohen introduced the Pregnancy Information Disclosure and Protection Ordinance, which prohibits “limited services pregnancy centers” from making false or misleading statements to the public relating to their services.

First Resort has thus far unsuccessfully challenged the ordinance’s constitutionality in an ongoing lawsuit, claiming that it “burdens its right to free speech, and in particular, its ability to express anti-abortion views to women using its clinic.”

Now First Resort has rebranded itself as Third Box, led by Plunkett and Fred Amoroso, a former Yahoo chairman who was also involved in First Resort, according to its website. Third Box says it currently operates three clinics in San Francisco — the centers still listed on First Resort’s website — but has plans to expand in 12 other cities across the country.

Visitors to Third Box’s website are encouraged to donate to the “epic new cultural movement” by making a “financial contribution of any size that will help Third Box catalyze a movement of culture care, not culture war – and advance the common good.”

On Third Box’s donation page is this disclaimer: “Thank You for your gift. Third Box Pregnancy Clinics exists to provide time, space and support for women in unintended pregnancies who are unsure about their decision. Third Box Pregnancy Clinics is the successor organization to First Resort. During this transition period, First Resort will be handling the administration of all donations.”

Third Box declined repeated requests for a telephone interview and did not respond to a list of emailed questions.

Crisis pregnancy centers have been around since the 1960s and currently outnumber abortion clinics about 5 to 1, according to an estimate in a recent Vice report. NARAL Pro-Choice America regularly documents evidence of what it considers deceitful crisis pregnancy centers across the country. They’ve found that some employ deceptive billboard and public transportation advertisements, while others buy online ads; in 2011, “First Resort” was one of the first search results for “Where do I get an abortion in San Francisco?” Some clinic staffers tell women that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, suicidal ideation, and infertility — all widely debunked claims.

Most cities’ attempts to regulate crisis pregnancy centers have been unsuccessful. In cities such as Baltimore and New York City, centers and anti-abortion advocates successfully challenged ordinances on the basis that they were First Amendment violations. But as media coverage of crisis pregnancy centers has grown, centers have been “forced to go back to the drawing board to reinvent themselves to mislead,” said Samantha Gordon, director of public affairs at NARAL.

“We’re not against women getting the care and support they need when dealing with unintended pregnancy,” Gordon said. “We’re against biased counseling, shaming, and lying to get women through the front door so you can force your ideological agenda on them regardless of their circumstance.”

Original post and photo from this site click here.

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