Why is it Taboo To Talk About Our Abortion Experiences?

I think this is a great infograph detailing why abortion is so hard for some women to talk about. Given that 1 in 3 women in America have had an abortion, more than likely either you or the lady sitting across from you on the train or a friend(s) or even your mother; statistically, someone in your life has had at least one abortion. Most anti’s won’t admit to it and that’s been shown numerous times via other women’s stories, however I find this to be a very intriguing read regarding how a lot of Anti’s behave after their own abortion; judging and trying to demoralize others, as if they think they have the right to do so. If only your friends knew your little secret..

This isn’t about anti’s who don’t wanna talk about their abortion, however. This is about every day women who’ve had an abortion because it was the best thing in their opinion and naturally, they want someone to discuss it with; someone to listen, to care and offer a friendly shoulder.

Instead, most women don’t

speak out about their abortions not because they regret it, but because they are afraid of how society will then treat them. How those who find out will treat them.

What a sad shame. We need to end this stigma, but we first must counter things such as the below infograph shows. Women are not bad for having an abortion, be it via the pill or late-term. The anti-choice minority are so relentless and heartless they’ve managed to make abortion seem almost “dirty”.

But it’s not. It is anything but “dirty” or “wrong”- it is a natural procedure which has been going on since before the Ancient Egyptians. It is the woman’s choice to decide what is right for her life as well as what life will be like once birth is given and it no longer is just a fetus, but now, an actual infant and human being.

That changes everything, and is something that everyone needs to put thought into. It is careless to do it any other way, I believe. There’s no shame in abortion, there’s no shame in not wanting to be a mother or not being ready. There is no shame in the fact that you’ve had sex; sex doesn’t make you a horrible person or a whore, as they try to make women (and only women, not men) believe.

Try to tune their hate out…. You are a good woman! And you are definitely NOT a murderer! To read the article accompanied with this infograph, please click here.

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