New York and the Truth About the Proposed Abortion, 10-point Women’s Equality Act

abortion and birth woman choiceI am always proud of being from New York City… Unlike most states in the U.S., New York not only does not require parental consent for teens wanting an abortion, there is not a waiting period and best of all…cost is not an issue as it’s publicly funded by Medicaid. But it gets even better.

Having had a late-term second trimester abortion, I understand it on a more personal level. I know had it not been for access to that late-term abortion, I would have killed myself. For you fetus lovers out there, that means the fetus would not have ever became a life, either.

New York has now proposed something that is fairly new in terms of stateĀ government and abortion, but not new in regards to federal rulings which already do in fact grant access to late-term abortions for women who are in emotional or physical danger. But New York knows that isn’t good enough. It needs to be on a state level and that’s exactly what they are trying to do with this proposal. My love, respect and awe for NY just went up 10 fold.

Let’s also focus on what this proposal would not allow…

  • It would not allow non-doctors to perform abortions!!!! EVEN THOUGH ANTI-CHOICERS ARE SAYING THAT, READ THE TEXT OF THE PROPOSAL FOR YOURSELF.
  • Quoting,
    • In 1994, the state Department of Health issued a ruling that the state’s physician-only requirement didn’t prevent physician assistants from performing an abortion within the 24-week time frame, if they’re supervised by a physician and have been appropriately trained, the Democrat and Chronicle reported. The scope of practice for nurse practitioners and physician assistants is set under education law and overseen by the state Department of Education’s licensing board.

      The proposal “would not expand the class of individuals who could perform abortions, nor would it alter the current long-standing criminal ban on partial birth abortion.”

      It also wouldn’t change laws that let health care providers refuse to perform abortions “for religious or moral beliefs.”

In my opinion, this is the most wonderful proposal in a very long time. There are numerous problems that can go wrong in the second and third trimester, but not only this; they are considering the health of the physical AND mental well being of the pregnant woman.

This new proposal would mean after 24 weeks if a woman’s health is in danger, she can still have an abortion. And that is exactly how it should be. Having such a sharp cut off point forces women to rush choices and is unfair to all involved. This way, if the woman’s health does not increase and she indeed wants to go forward with an abortion; she can, as her basic rights as a human and woman should grant her.

More benefits of this life saving (both physically and emotionally) proposal is state abortion laws will no longer be penal code but instead moved into public health code – where abortion, a medical procedure, belongs. Additionally, abortion providers would gain new protections, which I think anyone who doesn’t support terrorizing, harassment, verbal assault and abuse as well as murder would agree is an excellent move.

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