Dr. Tiller’s Murderer Wants to Continue his Death Threats and Killings. Openly.

I have for a long time been disgusted and outraged over the American legal system, health care system and people abusing freedom of speech. There IS a line between, freedom of SPEECH -even if it’s hate – as opposed to THREATENING and ABUSING others, be it women or abortion providers.

A wonderful, caring soul by the name of Dr. George Tiller was murdered while at his church on May 31st, 2009, by a sick, mentally deranged (for you’d have to be to act as he has and is) male. I can’t believe this disgusting world is even giving him a second glance as he moans about his right to freedom of speech. He’s spoken enough if you ask me, and let us not forget; there is a huge difference in speaking your mind and inciting violence or praising the slaughter of a harmless man. He is proud of his murder, as the photo below shows in his own words. (I apologize for the bad quality, I took the photo from the book last night and light was limited).

Now, he wants to murder again. And you think he won’t?! In prison, how could he do that!?,…you may be thinking. The answer is because

Scott, like most insane killers, have a fan base. If you’re wanting an example let’s look at Laci Peterson’s horrible killer…her own husband. Though he was just as heartless (you can’t have a heart and do these kind of things and carry on with life), he did at least deny it. Scott Roeder, on the other hand, not only is proud of the murder he committed and accepts it happily, but he also claims he feels good about it. Relieved.

Those are the signs of a serial killer. Neither one of those murderers should go back on the streets, ever again.

With that quickly noted, it is a shame to say, again, like most killers of all sorts, sadly Roeder has his followers as well. But these aren’t women wanting to marry him; the people who follow Scott Roeder apparently deem him a hero… This means his followers are also heartless monsters, waiting to do the leaders wishes. There are far too many of his kind still roaming the streets, wishing death upon innocent human beings.

Most people like Roeder cannot be cured – there is truly no hope for some. They can pretend to have changed long enough to get out of the situation they don’t want to be in; but they have not ‘changed’ as a person. You don’t simply grow a heart and soul.

This sick monster is one of those who have an incurable diseases. Not that his illness and lack of basic compassion are an excuse; they are not. Sociopaths and Psychopaths mimic others. They choose whom and what they want to be like.

While to me and I believe most people, be they anti-choice or pro-choice, he is a disgrace to the human race, along with all of his supporters and his right to incite a death threat on an owner of an abortion clinic should be held against him, harshly. The life and lives of all those in danger should have extra protection and every last soul who supports this cold blooded killer should be thrown in the same cell as him to rot.

Now, while I am firmly against adoption, I think women should still have that option, even though to me they are torturing an innocent life that never asked to be born. I am against adoption on all fronts but that’s for me, not everyone. I can accept that; so long as they can accept my pro-abortion stance.

The point of that is, while I am so very much against adoption as well as being strongly against what this sick freak and all his sort have done and do, I would never, ever wish death upon another for disagreeing with me. That is taking it a bit too far and is a flaming red flag that you’ve got someone extra sick on your hands.

I’d like to note, I am against the death penalty, most of the time. But in cases such as this, when the person is guilty without a shadow of a doubt, and proudly guilty at that, no remorse… Why keep them around? So they can try to bring uprisings and start murderous chaos from behind bars?

Prison is an important topic at the moment for me anyway, given the, “list” photo/videos. So I’ll link the things this female listed on her instagram and share the real facts behind her degradation of human life, along with anyone else who has so little compassion for the suffering that they stoop so low as to lie about what is and is not really happening within the American legal system.

I’ll write a longer post on it in a bit but for now let’s sum it up like this:

Murderers like Dr. Tillers proud murderer, Roeder, a true danger to society, are not the most common prisoners despite America being the most violent nation in the developed world. Under 5% are in for murder. Under 2% for rape. Over 56% of people in prison are in for drug offenses and a massive grand total of 86% of people in prison are in for victimless crimes. There is so much I have to say regarding this, but for the sake of time and space, I’ll save it and place a link HERE once I have either a video or new post up discussing drug and other related offenses that should be treated as health problems or social problems, not as criminal acts.

The victims of crimes such as rape rarely get any closure within the legal system, but I’ll go into that shortly, either in a video or on another blog post. Unlike drug laws which don’t work, further harm society and the individuals they carelessly toss in prison, child molesters, rapists, murderers- all the true criminals tend to get off in half the time. Hell, for rape all we need to do is look at the statue of limitations which is a slap in the face of every man and woman victimized in this horrific way.

Or, we could simply take into consideration that if a woman wants an abortion but cannot obtain one due to cost, travel, shame, fear, stigma, etc over abortion; the rape doesn’t necessarily have to end there. In America, 31 states grant the rapist the legal right to take the victim and child to court to gain custody or visitation rights of the ‘rape child’- which is in a further violation of her human rights.
Since most anti-choicers don’t seem to care about women or anyone above the age 10, consider for a moment the psychological trauma it would cause a child to know it was the product of a rapist; a child that was brought into this world through violence, hate and the stealing of her innocence and free will. Most children probably don’t know, for I believe a good mother wouldn’t let them know, that they were conceived from a rapist. But in 31 states, the choice of if the child knows or not can be taken away as well.

But I digress. Back to prison. Sick Scott thinks he should be allowed to say whatever he wants, even though he is in prison for the murder of a man who had a job he disagreed with. Scott was mentally unstable and refused to take medications. He is a danger and a threat to anything good in this world and communication with the outside is something I think should be made to a minimal.

He feels he is being denied the right to freedom of speech, does he? He took a mans life because he wanted women to stop having abortions. Epic failure, I’d like to add. Just because there isn’t a legal and safe method available, doesn’t mean abortions didn’t continue. Then again I’m sure he doesn’t mind women dying. It’s the fact that a fetus has a chance of making it full term alive…that’s what he care about. That’s what is really important… How can anyone think that way? How can anyone want to put a potential, a POTENTIAL life, a developing life ahead of the mother?! That kind of thinking shows a great lacking of moral and ethics, in my opinion.

There is a difference between “freedom of speech“, being mindless hate speech or unacceptable, abusive language. Moreover, there is a far larger difference in mindless hate speech (“freedom of speech”) and speaking about your previous slaughter of another human being with pride and not an ounce of remorse. It gets even deeper and more sickly when this is taken to the level of a new death threat. Threatening death upon another person; especially when the ‘person’, Scott, is a known, and proud, killer whom, after murdering Dr. Tiller and being placed in prison, stated his only regret was that he did not do it sooner.

That is a true danger to society- that is a person who can speak all they desire but have no words worth hearing.

He is not a safe person to be freed, ever, in my opinion and he is admitting this by his comments and death threats. Making a death threat should guarantee he is locked away from society so that he cannot remain a threat, furthermore, since he has ‘followers’ his words should be censored and anything he has to say should be dismissed as he is not mentally sound  nor does he have a conscience – if his words influence anyone to commit any form of crime or attempted crime it should not only be on them, but him as well; and any official who would say death threats are nothing more than freedom of speech.

If someone were to say they were going to blow up a building or a train, would that be freedom of speech? Or would it be taken more seriously because lives would/could be at risk? Of course it would be taken more seriously and of course they would not say this person was simply expressing his right to free speech. The chances of it being taken even more serious would increase had he actually committed a violent attack in the past.

That is no different than what we are dealing with now. One male too sick to help trying to give death orders from his cell and getting a power rush off of it should not, under any circumstances, be allowed. He brags about killing Dr. Tiller; brags about it.

I highly suggest anyone who wants to learn more depth about Dr. Tiller and his murderer, Scott Roeder, to purchase A Death in Wichita – not only does he tell us the story of Dr. Tiller, his kindness and love for life and his patients, we learn of other abortion providers at the time, some who were more outspoken than Dr. George Tiller who preferred kindness and turning the other cheek. There was a previous attempted murder on his life at his clinic- because he saved women’s lives. Be it their future or their actual life; be it the fetus from abnormalities or because the woman couldn’t handle the pregnancy any more… He cared for people, and I quote his words:

That is what a good man or woman would believe and stand for. Abortion providers and staff workers and clinic escort are all heroes. The protesters and those scream pro-life yet either accept killing or harassing and verbally abusing others are not only anything other than pro-life, they are also a bunch of cowards. I know, I know, not all anti-choicers are like these people. I’m not speaking about them. I’m speaking about the dangerous many who do put their views ahead of other peoples mental and emotional well being, as well as placing these beliefs of being a pro-life person, above another living person’s life.

Original source for the following HERE
In 2010, Scott Roeder was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the 2009 murder of Kansas abortion provider George Tiller. But that doesn’t mean he’s given up his hobby of threatening abortion providers. Roeder is now in a court battle with the Kansas Department of Corrections, arguing that they violated his freedom of speech rights when they disciplined him for making threats against Julie Burkhart, the woman who reopened an abortion clinic in the Wichita location where Tiller’s clinic used to be. Roeder got “45 days in disciplinary segregation with no outside communication,” reports the Topeka Capital-Journal, for comments he made during a phone call with David Leach of the radical anti-choice group Army of God.

Leach posted a recording of the phone interview on YouTube in 2013, which RH Reality Check reported on at the time. Here’s Roeder:

It is a little bit death-defying for someone to walk back in there… and reopen a murder mill where a man was stopped. It’s almost like putting a target on your back, saying, “Well, let’s see if you can shoot ME!” I have to go back to what Pastor Mike Bray said: If 100 abortionists were shot, they would probably go out of business. I think eight have been shot, so we’ve got 92 to go. Maybe she’ll be number nine. I don’t know, but she’s kind of painting a target on her.

Earlier in the call, Leach said that reopening an abortion clinic is “not the act of someone who values their own safety,” to which Roeder eagerly agreed.

Leach denied that the his nice-clinic-you’ve-got-there act was a threat, but the Kansas Department of Corrections thought otherwise. After all, what’s the purpose of putting that call on YouTube if not to intimidate Burkhart or perhaps even encourage the next Roeder to take matters into his own hands?

Roeder’s attorney, Billy Rork, has a somewhat different defense. “He didn’t threaten anybody,” Rork told the Capital-Journal. “He just was commenting to a private individual in a discussion that happened to be recorded.”

But if you listen to the recording, this argument falls a little flat. Leach opens the call by reading a public statement to Roeder, which Roeder praises. It’s only after Leach asks Roeder to make a “statement” of his own that Roeder shares his thoughts on how to scare abortion providers out of business by murdering 100 of them. In my experience, private conversations rarely involve the issuing of statements.

While Roeder cannot do physical harm to Burkhart on his own, the Kansas Department of Corrections has good reason to be worried about him inspiring others to violence. Anti-choice activists in the Wichita area relentlessly abuse Burkhart, seeing her as someone who stole their victory of shutting down Tiller’s clinic with a bullet. In May, MSNBC chronicled the extent of the harassment, which includes targeting Burkhart at her home by putting a sign in her yard that read, “Where’s your church?”—a not-subtle reminder that Roeder shot Tiller in his church. Roeder is a hero to the people harassing Burkhart. And threats are one of the forms of speech that fall outside of First Amendment protections (plus Roeder’s First Amendment rights are restricted in jail to begin with). Hopefully the court will disregard his argument.

Correction, Oct. 21, 2014: The headline on this post originally said that Scott Roeder threatened an abortion doctor from prison. He actually threatened the owner of an abortion clinic, who is not a doctor.