Video – We Need to End Mental Illness Stigma… All Stigma Needs to End. Speak Out!

I apologize for not writing in so long… Thank you to everyone who has stayed, and also to the anti-choice hate community… It is the hate I receive that truly inspires me to never give up, for humanity as a whole does not deserve to be subjected to your hate, deception and apathy. Until I die I will fight to remind women they aren’t ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ and by no means “murderers” for having an abortion. I will also continue to stand up for victims of police brutality, including children. Children who have lives and need people to care for them. That’s part of being pro-life to me. Caring for actual lives.

Anyway, this video has nothing to do with abortion, but instead is a quick video I made a couple of nights ago to speak a bit about mental illness (which is a natural reaction to traumatic events and NOTHING to be ashamed of) and why I’ve been so silent… for those interested =)

Thank you guys again. I have some posts to type up and video ideas in the making- please work with me as I get myself back up 🙂