Oh the joy of Christmas, or is it ?

🙂 This is a great post; and sooo inspiring to see a man that appreciates women, and loves his wife all the same… We need more men like this in the world if you ask me!

Higgo's World

For most of us Christmas is an expensive and frantic time sorting out things to buy and things to eat, we nearly always buy to much of both but it doesn’t stop as from doing the same thing year after year. Then there is the Christmas card list, who sent us a card last year, who did we send a card to and not get one in return, who have we dropped from the list and who must we add to it.

  I use the term we very loosely, it’s more a ‘Royal We’  as it’s my wife or as I like to call her at this time of year my little ‘Director of Christmas Operations’  who sets out the strategies  for the Christmas campaign like a Roman General. I am sure that my experiences are not unique as I know that my friends go through the same rituals…

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