Women Are Not Incubators Yet Clinically Dead Irish Woman is being Used as One… Seriously.

As I write this there is a clinically dead woman being forced to live with a machine in order to act as an incubator for the fetus she was carrying. The woman, in her mid-late twenties, is clinically brain dead after having suffered from a head trauma which resulted in a lethal blood clot within the brain.

I’D LIKE TO MAKE NOTE THAT NO ‘FETUS’ HAS EVER SURVIVED BEING SEPARATED FROM THE MOTHER PRIOR 21 WEEKS GESTATION. She was 16 weeks at the time of the accident, a little over a week ago.

Sadly, this woman cannot be revived. The brain damage is “permanent and irreversible “brain death”. This young woman’s body is only “working” because of machinery. She is only “alive” because of machines and sickeningly, she has been kept, “alive” now for over a week in order to preserve the 16-17 week old fetus (not a LIFE!).

But if “life” of the “fetus” is what they are concerned about, they still have it all wrong. [They=Anti’s]

According to THIS study, the University of Heidelberg discovered there are only 30 recorded cases of maternal brain death between 1982 -2010. Regarding brain death in the mother and the relation to the fetus, an organ donor group, “Donate Life”, states the fetus may give the appearance of life, but actually this is only delaying and slowing down the process of death:

The heart will eventually stop beating as all bodily systems begin to stop working shortly after brain death. Once this process has begun, it cannot be reversed. At the time a physician declares brain death, the patient is dead. Mechanical support (a breathing machine) keeps oxygen going to the organs until they can be recovered for transplant. The machine is not keeping the patient alive (brain death is irreversible and is legally and medically recognized as death), it is merely keeping the organs viable until they can be recovered.


And the lack of oxygen which killed the woman is almost certain to impact the fetus irreversibly. So, basically what is happening is they are keeping her alive with a machine so that the fetus they love so much (which is not even a life yet) will remain in the womb and slowly decay daily, as it grows less and less viable. Many medical professionals agree this is just giving the fetus a slow death inside the already deceased mother.

Moral? Pro-Life? What a sick joke!

Back to the woman at hand in Ireland right now… She is being kept alive against the wishes of those who know her best, against the wishes and requests of those whom love her most; her family whom want her removed from life support. According to an article available here via the Guardian, the doctors ‘treating’ her are, in short, too afraid to make such a “bold” move and are seeking legal advice over the situation!

Quoting from the above article we can all see it’s past time to amend the Irish Republic’s constitution but in any case, according to the Guardian article:

Under the 8th amendment to the Irish Republic’s constitution the foetus inside her is as much an Irish citizen as the clinically dead mother.

In 1983 a coalition of conservative Catholic pressure groups sought and won a national referendum that effectively made even the embryo after conception an Irish citizen fully protected under the law.

The news about the dilemma facing the medical team emerged less than 24 hours after Ireland’s health minister, Leo Varadkar, admitted that even the country’s latest reform of the abortion law was too restrictive and imposed a “chilling effect” on Irish doctors.

The Irish media are reporting that the woman’s family are now seeking a legal challenge over the hospital’s refusal to turn off the life support machine. This would then entail the Irish state going to court to legally represent the foetus being kept alive via the life support.

The “Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act” -which gives more right to the unborn fetus/embryo than the woman- last year had a slight change made which allows for a “highly restrictive” number of abortions to be carried out in Irish hospitals. This was intended for women who would die if the pregnancy was not terminated as well as those who are at “true” risk of suicide.

Any positivity it has brought, I have yet to hear about. Right now, as you read this, there is a woman laying in a hospital with her family wanting the doctors to let her pass on naturally and respectfully. Instead, Irish doctors are too afraid of religious insanity and/or legal action to make the right call and do as her family desires. They are disgustingly and audaciously refusing to be morally responsible by going against a grieving families wishes, and especially for doing it with the only purpose being to use the body as an incubator.

It would take moral and good medical choice to let this poor woman who is fatally brain dead pass on peacefully. Instead, we once again see how little respect for real human life these so called “pro-lifers” (more accurately called “anti-lifers”) actually have. I hope justice will be brought so this young woman may rest in peace, so her family will not have to see and worry over her, and the current state she is in. Humanity should be better than this.


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