Family Go to High Court in Ireland in Hope of Letting Their Child Die With Dignity

The High Court has heard the case for the permanently brain dead woman in Ireland whom is still being used as an incubator to a now 18 week old fetus  despite her family and partners wishes to let her pass on naturally. The High Court listened to what her family had to say, as well as to medical and scientific research presented to them by doctors and specialists. If you don’t know her story, you can read information HERE .)

On December 26th three “prominent” Irish Judges will give their decision regarding the case and the family will know whether or not their child will be given the moral and just right to peace or is pro-life ireland

In Court her family spoke, and so did doctors and specialists such as Dr. Brian Marsh, who is a specialist in intensive care. He informed them that from a medical and scientific aspect the woman now was just a “corpse“. He also stated there is minimal chance of the fetus surviving. My previous post gives links to independent research reports which all agree and explain why the fetus has such an extremely low risk of survival.
morals and common sense should answer why a fetus cannot grow healthy and thrive inside a dead body only kept temporarily ‘alive’ via machines. But back to the current situation.

“I don’t believe this unborn can survive,” Dr. Marsh stated before the high court.
Another medical expert, consultant obstetrician Dr. Peter Boylan spoke to the High Court and stated the medical team were in “uncharted territory” and believes that article 8 has added to the sad situation.
Boylan went on to state if this case happened in any other state she would be allowed to pass away with dignity. He also revealed the hospital she is being held at doesn’t even have neonatal care available… Anti’s can claim they are pro-life all they want but their actions speak louder; and if this situation doesn’t make you think twice about anti’s, I don’t know what to say.

Additionally, Dr. Boylan stated the most ethical and moral thing to do for the woman would be exactly what her family wishes to have done; take her off life support.

Her family also went to court to plead for their child’s right to peacefully and respectably die. It would be horrific enough to watch your dead child be forced to breathe and thus “live” for the slim hope of the fetus being born; the fact that the family has had to go to court over this is just like pouring salt into a wound.

Her father stated: “My daughter is dead, the chances of the foetus surviving are minimal we have been told. I want her to have dignity and be put to rest.”

He said he found the doctors’ decision to force her to “live” via machines for the sake of a fetus “extremely distressful”.

The woman’s partner, whom is also the father of all her kids, as well as father to the current pregnancy, spoke in court saying he supports taking her off of life support. He refused to discuss her personal religious beliefs and thoughts on abortion which I personally think was a very smart thing to do. Whether she was against it or supported it, answering that question would have been held used against her and her best interest.

Obviously, this case has roused physicians and Pro-Choice activists; both wanting to abolish article 8. Typically, there are some who think because people for choice are using her case as a chance to get attention of some sort; it is so much deeper than that. If pro-choice activists didn’t take this case and use it as another prime example of why article 8 needs to be removed we would be fools. Article 8 only brings unneeded dangers, risks and pain to women. There is nothing good about it.

There seems to be a misconception about why I and other pro-choice and pro-abortionists are outraged and speaking out against what is going on with her and the abortion bans, because as we see it doesn’t just impact women seeking abortion. It effects ALL women. So let’s get some even more detailed reasons behind why I personally (and others) am speaking out about her case.

For one, I find it morally wrong and sickening that they would force someone to stay ‘alive’ via a machine in order to use the body for any reason, when they know this is her permanent state and that without the machines, she would die. It is wrong to use her as if her body is nothing more than an object, and it is morally wrong and traumatic -to say the least- for her loved ones who have to watch their child in this condition.

Her family wants the doctors to let her go “in dignity” as her father says (see below) but because of ANTI-ABORTION LAWS the doctors are afraid of doing so as they don’t want any legal charges brought against them. Which is reason two; anti-abortion laws are anti-WOMAN laws and are not good for anyone.

Once again, I am back at the family. I feel terrible for her family and the trauma this must be causing them; the trauma having to go to court in order to fight for your daughters right to die with respect and honor would only add to the stressful trauma they must be enduring after losing a child while the government forces doctors’ to use her body unless they decide otherwise.

Matters of medicine should not have to be taken before any court. If it were not for anti-abortion laws, the family wouldn’t be going through all that they are. I can only imagine how horrific it must be for them right now.

Anyone with a heart should be outraged by this. And yes I do bring up anti-choicers because they are a large part of the reason her and her family are in this situation. Additionally, it shows their hypocrisy as if they cared for a fetus they wouldn’t want it to suffer a slow death.

A fetus, which is an UNBORN aka NOT LIVING but a developing possibility.And in this case, there is a very, very minimal chance the fetus would survive anyhow being that the host is dead. Again, in my last post I shared information on what is happening to the fetus when the mother is no longer living (machines are keeping her going, but not ALIVE) based on the current medical research and knowledge…and a bit of common sense. Read it here via the researchers site, or read about it and more, by clicking here.

This tragic case is the perfect example of the lack of respect the government has towards woman, the power they hold over a woman as well as giving us a tragic look at the insanity of putting a fetus before the woman.