Jan 22 Upcoming Counter Protests Calling All Pro-Choice Activists, We Need You!

First, I apologize, again, for the long delay in my posts and to all the emails I have yet to respond to. There are so many people I need to respond to, and posts I need to post. Please understand I have a lot of activities I do that people don’t always see as well as other issues I advocate for and against. I do have a life –believe it or not– outside of the internet lol so please bare with me…
Important News: This is very scary, and very … This coming Thursday, January 22nd, 2015, will mark 42 years since Roe vs Wade was put into law. Sadly, it is under attack by anti’s and religious zealots. Let me please note, if these anti’s were so pro-life they would care about the thousands of mothers, daughters, grand-daughters, sisters,…women period, This, almost immediately, showed a decrease in the deaths of women who had tried to self induce an abortion on demand without apologyabortion and either overdosed or if they managed to locate a back alleydoctors‘ too many either left them to tend to the aftermath of the abortion on their own, many having fatal complications that could have been resolved, or they were sterilized in order to have the procedure.
Another common, life changing and devastating occurrence which happened too often was mutilation that in too many cases either left so damaged she no longer could bear children. Or the procedure was done wrong, leaving the woman bleeding to death -alone, for going to a hospital was not an option- or with an infection due to unsanitary equipment, environment as well as the doctor themselves, many not knowing what they were doing anyway.
This is not a world we want to go back to. If anti’s truly care for life they would care for the life of women. Women have a heartbeat, we are not here to be incubators and whether we have a child or not should not be anyone other than her decision.
In 1973, with the Federal passage of Roe v Wade, coroners in many documented in reports, statistics, books and interviews; all testifying that after Roe v Wade passed the death rate of women changed virtually overnight.
On the anniversary of Roe v Wade, this Thursday, thousands of anti-choicers have decided to march on Washington. We need as many pro choice activists to join us, and make sure we are heard and that the truth is given out for we know that they will be shedding lies and fear speech. Women deserve better, and deserve truth. Not to be degraded, lied to or attacked. We need all the pro choice activists possible to counter their cruel intentions.
Congress passed a ban on abortions after 20 weeks; this is headed to the Senate who state they will deny its passage. But with this landmark anniversary and the upcoming bill, not to mention the women who need to know truth and not lies regarding abortion and reproductive health, it is vital we meet them with truth and love to share with those who are afraid and who think the cruel words these zealots speak are true; who may think the photos are real (they are not- they have photos of actual dead babies…Not a fetus, not an embryo but actual babies. 
ThursdayJan 22
New York Area
NY-DC leaves Union Sq. 5:30 a.m.
(We plan to return to NYC before 9 pm)
Tickets – suggested $40
Please contact us for financial assistance
for bus tickets.
Other Cities
San Francisco 
Sat Jan 24
1:00 pm PST
Powell & Market
Thurs. Jan 22
Meet Up:
Downtown at the backside of the Capitol
(MLK Dr. and Capitol Avenue Southwest)
Bring signs, whistles, & get the word out on all social media.
Friday Jan 23
12:00 – 2:00 pm PST
Oakland City Hall – Oscar Grant Plaza
Abortion On Demand is Liberating – NOT “Genocidal!”
Confront the fascists who spread the LIE that Black women who get abortions are committing “genocide.” Read more info HERE
Facebook Even located ->
Sat Jan 24
1:30 pm CST
State Capitol
Facebook page->

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