Question on Domestic Violence, Reasons & Abortion ….

(Posting a research paper on the topic of abuse how it impacts children in the near future…)

A lot of women ask me if their reason for abortion is okay; and I say to any and all women this: *If YOU want the abortion, if YOU do not want to be pregnant or do not want to be pregnant, if you do not want to be a mother for ANY reason, then abortion is always acceptable of course. It is not murder, it is not wrong or evil, it is not killing a baby for there isn’t a baby to kill. Embryo or fetus, it is a potential life, not a new born, not an infant, not a child.

Some Pro-Choice disagree and believe it is a life at conception but support the woman and her ability to decide to abort before the potential life is an actual life.

If so, I still stand firm in support of abortion.

There is no promise the embryo or fetus will successfully see birth. It is DEVELOPING, it is BECOMING, it is not a BABY by any means.

abortion proabortion prochoice hypocrite prolife
Ahem. Just sayin…….. *trust yourself; and ignore anti-choice ‘logic’

No matter what one believes, preventing the potential life from harm, or from coming into a world it isn’t wanted, or, aborting because it is what you feel is best for you, your situation, because you don’t want kids, don’t like kids, aren’t ready for kids, or WHATEVER the reason YOU have is; so long as you feel and believe it is right, then you truly should hold your head high as you do what you believe to be right.

Abortion isn’t a ‘dirty’ thing. Abortion isn’t for “sluts” nor does it make you any lesser of a woman. In fact, being responsible and taking the bringing of life into the world seriously, is a good thing. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you are being punished and you have to give up your dreams…

It all comes down to what you want. Do you want to be pregnant? Do you want to be a mom? Do you want to be responsible for another life for at least the next 18 years? Can you, even? … Those are not evil questions, those are SENSIBLE and IMPORTANT questions that ALL need to consider and ask.

Bottom line; abortion is not bad, evil, ‘murder’, or anything negative. It’s a highly safe medical procedure when done safely and legally- and anti’s want abortion to be illegal…even though that promises a growth in death among women, and the “embryo/fetus”, too. How is that pro-life??

It’s a medical procedure. That’s it. By no means does it determine your worth as a woman. If anything though I would say it makes you a good woman for not blindly doing what you do not feel is right or what you do not want to do regarding such a HUGE topic.