The Tragedy of a 13 yr old Child & Self Induced Abortion…

First I have to say this:

To the 13 year old girl, my heart goes out to you. I respect what you did and why you did it; I think you are very brave and I am truly sorry you had to go through any of this. I truly, truly hope you get well soon, please never feel bad for any of this.
You did the best you could; and aborting is not ‘evil’ or bad… Please, never believe one word any of the lying anti’s may utter. You have not committed murder, you are NOT a murderer; you are a good young woman, period.
Please never let their ignorant, deceitful hate impact your heart… You are a brave girl, you made the right choice – a choice that you should have been able to have done at an abortion clinic, and I am truly sorry you weren’t able to have that right -as you should have. Please heal soon, you are needed in this world. Many blessings to you ❤

I mean that from my heart. Now…I feel sick writing this. I won’t touch on the relationship between the child and her rapist much for I want to focus on HER LIFE; the fact that she is in serious danger due to lack of health care. Rape is horrific, I know personally and morally, it is horrendous. But so is forgetting what this country and anti-lifers are working towards. We must stop this sickness anti-lifers are creating.

I am not surprised by this sad story, but I am outraged. I am outraged that a 13 year old child had to self-induce her abortion which has landed her in an unfair state of illness because of lack of access due to the legal system. Had she had access to a safe, legal abortion this child would hopefully not be the centerpiece of any article…

I am saddened to see more and more females -of all ages- self inducing their abortions more frequently because Anti-choicers have been working overtime to put 1 in 3 females at risk of serious harm or in too many cases, death. I am sad that not all of these stories get media attention and I am heartbroken to see the stories I’ve read on my YouTube page from women who self-aborted prior Roe V Wade coming to reality once again.

Brenda’s still exist due to anti-lifers and state laws promoted by those who are against female rights, health, safety and life.

And I am angry. I am angry because they claim to be ‘pro-life’ while claiming the death of women to be ‘acceptable’, in addition to devaluing the health of the female life; thereby putting all women’s health and lives at risk of permanent injury, infections or worse. What is even more sickening is they are proud of it. Here is what some anti-lifers had to say

on “LifeNews” about the 13 year old girl whom self-aborted with a pencil due to laws that should be considered cruel and criminal as it limits and bans certain groups of women from safe abortion care…Thus risking her own life. She now is in a hospital fighting for her life while repulsive, deceitful and clearly narcissistic anti-lifers sit back, claiming this to be a ‘victory.’

Yes, the fact that had the child had access to a safe abortion clinic she could be at home right now instead of having to fight for her life while coping with her circumstances, her parents and the anti-lifers who believe in the most detestable things, some of which I’ve pasted below.

But first, I want to state what I believe, as said by Robin Marty:

“anti-choice advocates don’t let facts, or a young women’s health, get in the way of their argument”.

i.e., they create their own fantasy world of ‘facts’ which have no basis or truth what so ever to them, while trying to attack women’s moral. They should be careful throwing rocks in the glass house of MORALS as if anyone were to ask me it is far more immoral to bring an unwanted child into this world for any reason; just as it is even more immoral to force any female of any age to give birth to an unwanted child OR forcing self-induced abortion upon women knowing the risk of injury and death; while only making it more vile as they claim to be proud of themselves, despite this young female being a child herself. 

Please note! While reading the below mindless, heartless and soulless comments remember they come from Anti-Lifers and are not my beliefs nor the beliefs of anyone with a clear mind or good heart. USE THESE WORDS AS A REMINDER FOR WHEN THEY TRY TO JUDGE US AND CALL US IMMORAL… NO ONE WHO BELIEVES AS THEY DO ARE ‘GOOD’- AND HAVING AN ABORTION DOES NOT MAKE YOU BAD OR A MURDERER!

Bryan Kemper, the head of Stand True, a pro-life group reaching out to youth and young adults, informed of the incident and commented on it.He said it would not have ever made the news had the girl used an abortion drug and aborted the baby at home instead of engaging in a self-induced abortion.

“I am sure this story probably has most people wanting to vomit and cry at the same time as their hearts break for this little girl. I would also guess however that many of those same people would not even bat an eye if her method of killing her child had been a RU 486 prescription from the local Planned Parenthood,” Kemper said.

About abortion advocates and their reaction to the story, Kemper said: “I can also hear the spin now, ‘this is why we need safe and legal abortion,'” — even though abortions are already legal and are supposed to prevent such self-induced abortions.

Kemper says he’s glad Lisk was arrested and hopes he is brought to justice for his alleged crimes.

“If the girl had gone to Planned Parenthood he would probably still be raping her as I doubt they would have turned him in,” Kemper explained.

Needless to say, Kemper is wrong.  As a parental consent state, Pennsylvania does not have legal access to abortion for a young teen.  But as always, anti-choice advocates don’t let facts, or a young women’s health, get in the way of their argument.

All I can say to the above evil and cruel comments is I’m not shocked to see anti-lifers feel this way. It should, however, trouble every single human who cares for the safety and well being of all women; both young and older. If we don’t fight back, and fight hard, these obstacles the deceitful anti-lifers place before women will only grow worse.I must end this here, for I am dumbfounded and horrified at the lack of care, the lack of heart and soul, the lack of compassion this society has for others. For some reason, I stupidly never would have guessed even an Anti-Lifer would believe and say the things they do and are saying. All of it only proves they are the ‘bad’ ones, NOT THOSE OF US WHO HAVE ABORTED!

“This is the direct consequence of anti-choice zealots: taking away what dignity, respect, and alternatives left were left to a 13 year old who is being controlled, manipulated, and raped by someone more than twice her age.  Way to go “pro-lifers”, what an awesome accomplishment: empowering rapists like Michael Lisk over 13 year old girls, leading her to desperately jab herself with a pencil.  And as Feministe wrote at the time:

…her community and her culture — the people who are supposed to tell her that she’s important, that she’s loved, that she deserves pleasure, that she deserves autonomy — failed her. We fail girls all the time. We put girls in impossible, heart-wrenching positions. We give girls little autonomy and few options, and then we’re surprised when they act like animals caught in traps.Predators like Michael James Lisk, her “boyfriend,” are entirely responsible for the crimes they commit. But this girl needed a safety net, and she did not have one.

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