Images of Miscarriage Used by Anti’s Against Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has been under constant attack by the extremist group made up of anti-abortionists, anti-choice (or as I prefer to more accurately call them, antilife) and of course, anti-women (even if they are women themselves). Just as anti’s attempt to lie to women about how bad a woman is for terminating an unwanted pregnancy (which is not true), how we are murdering a child (not true) and are evil (again, untrue).

And just as they have gone to extreme lengths to create fake clinics such as Crisis Pregnancy Centers, where abortion isn’t an option to discuss but lies and deception are working at full force; they still have not failed us in these attacks on Planned Parenthood as they are nothing more than falsified videos, highly edited in an attempt to make people want to rid America of the help Planned Parenthood brings.

They have no shame; no limits as of how low they will go as this shows, sickeningly. Cruelty to others seems to come with ease to them. While each video is sickening and distorted with lies, I found the Anti’s harassment upon an innocent person and their private life exceptionally cruel.

planned parenthood deception fetus tissue baby pro-lifeAt the end of “Video 3” released against Planned Parenthood, the images shown they claim are from an abortion which is proven to be a lie… That isn’t surprising but it is important we inform everyone about this; it takes a special kind of cruelness to do what they are doing, especially with this photo. Those involved in manipulating the video used a photo of a premature birth that had resulted in miscarriage… without the mother/family’s consent and then claimed it as an abortion.

Above is what those whose child it was had to say (same as in photo above):

“I’ve had quiet a few messages and phone calls about this one… YES, the photo at the end of the newest video about Planned Parenthood is Walter. NO, they did not ask permission to use the photo and YES that is illegal. NO i am not going to do anything about it. It is not the first time that Walter’s photo’s have been used without my/our knowledge. We are placing our family and Walter in the hands of the Lord. I can spend countless hours worrying about this and scouring the internet or I can trust that in all things, GOD will protect us and HIS plan is perfect!”

That breaks my heart; I can’t imagine how this disrespect would feel…

As for the falsified video and images, doctors and OB/GYN collectively confirmed it is not an aborted fetus, rather a premature birth. Below is a quote from a OB/GYN’s blog, doctors findings and how this conclusion was formed. The articles link will follow.

“I believe it is a premature delivery. I reached that conclusion from 25 years of clinical practice in OB/GYN. I decided to ask nine other OB/GYNs what they thought about the clip, meaning I put a lot more effort into getting the facts than the politicians who voted to defund Planned Parenthood. All nine OB/GYNs agree with me. Several are OB/GYns who have done advanced training in family planning and so are experts in the field.

We all agree the video clip is highly unlikely to be from an abortion. We all agree it is likely a premature delivery. We all agree it can’t be from a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Here’s why:

  • The cord is clamped.  No one ever clamps the cord in a 2nd trimester abortion. Ever. No one has seen it and no one has even heard of it happening. If you want to see the image where I point out the clamp, click here. I know it disturbs some so I’m not reposting.
  • The condition of the skin. Fetal skin is very fragile at 18 weeks, but here it is perfect. There is also no bruising. With 2nd trimester abortions, even when the purpose is to deliver intact (which is rarely the case), there is some instrumentation and this always leaves marks. If this were an induction of labor there is almost always bruising and skin maceration. Inductions are only done for malformations and none are present.
  • The gestational age. Likely 18 weeks, maybe 20 weeks. At a Planned Parenthood an abortion at this gestation would be a D & E. Inductions don’t happen at Planned Parenthood.

The evidence suggests this is a premature delivery.  The perfect condition is typical of a rapid but atraumatic delivery, such as cervical incompetence or a second twin.

The video clip was provided by the Center for Bio-Ethical reform.”

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