Video – #Abortion = What Truly Makes a Person Good or Bad?

Just a reminder from a blog I wrote on my other website… Still holds true.

ProAbortion & ProChoice is ProLife

First let me say; no, miss anti-abortionist; shame on you for your lack of morals and care for women and children alike! =) I just have to start with that… Anyhow!

Tabortion, christians, pro-choice, pro-life, fetushe following video is for any and all women; if you’ve had an abortion, considering one, late-term or via the pill. It is some proof to simplify what a good person is and what a bad person is, and why. Why you, the medical patient, are not the hate-filled, evil lies so many anti-choicers and anti-abortionists want you to believe. This video is also for all those who hate me and call me evil, send me death threats because they are so very “pro-life” (LOL). If that contradicting statement alone doesn’t throw up a red flag that anti’s are not too reliable, I’d be concerned for you but have no fear; there is a lot more in the…

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