NARAL PETITION: Anti-Choice Advocating Violence Against Peaceful People Minding Our Own Business

Anti-Choicers enjoy the ‘label‘ of being called pro-life (a label I no longer use for the following reason) but I have yet to meet one whom shows respect and clinicviolenceisrealconcern for actual life;  life meaning anyone or thing that is alive, breathing and in need; be it animals or especially children. If they care so much for a fetus -which is only a potential life- and they are willing to degrade any and everyone to say their lies, one would think they’d care for the aftermath of the children… I have yet to see that in any anti-choicer. They are not for life, they are for controlling women’s rights and bodies.  For more information check out this link.

They don’t stop there, as most American’s know too many of them are engaged in, or support in some way, abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood (some not even offering abortion) are being targeted with vandalism, bombs,  arson and other; not to mention the horrific emotional, mental and verbal attacks on women (and men) are made daily and so are threats. They even have begun – once more – posting names, address and numbers online!

I get my share of death threats, but abortion providers and their staff are being harassed with all kinds of hate, including death threats. So “Pro-Life”, I see. *Rolls eyes*

Please sign below and add your name; your voice, even, to demanding the Department of Justice not only to take these horrible crimes and threats seriously (as they have gone through with them far too many times) and also asking them to investigate clinic violence as a DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

Please click here to sign the petition.