The Start: Video- 1) A Few Reasons I’m Against Adoption & Support Abortion Being First

Whew! I am very happy that I am finally back and able to start  I haven’t had time yet to complete the related writing and blog piece I wanted to have when I posted this video. I’ll be posting it in the future just as I plan to post more pieces of writing as well as videos describing why I am so pro-abortion for those who desire one, as well as being against adoption [it is too much for one post alone] and instead am pro-choice, pro-abortion and anti-adoption videos.

Despite not having completed the writing I had planned on the reasons I am so extremely pro-choice and pro-abortion is because as long as the abortion is safe, women are not dying and if it is accessible and affordable as well, it can prevent children from being brought into circumstances no person with a soul would want any child to live in. Or whatever reason; there is no right or wrong reason to want an abortion. 

Wanting an abortion, not wanting a child, not ready for a child, after being violated, due to mental health issues, due to relationship issues, due to your dreams, financial or again simply not liking kids and wanting none; all of it and whatever other reasons you guys can mention  as your own does not and never will make you a bad person.

It makes you at the very least; responsible, smart and thoughtful; a good soul that cares about life, quality of life. But most importantly, it gives you your life back. There is nothing wrong with being thankful, open and proud about your abortion.

I am mine.

I’ll continue doing so in upcoming posts and videos like the one within this post.

And I’d like to note, though I am a firm and strong believer in abortion being more kind and moral than adoption; adoption is beyond hurtful to a child, even if they find a home the effects of abandonment, especially by the mother, more likely than not, will struggle with depression and other mental illnesses. This impacts their behavioral issues and healthy, emotional regulation, self esteem, school performance and unhealthy behavioral patterns.

But yes, of course it should still be available as an option for women. I know what is best and moral for me; who am I or any one else to tell another what they should do especially if they are lying, creating false information and when you disagree they aim to hurt you with words..