Anti-Abortion Lie Exposed: Race & Location of Abortion Clinics, Exposed

And yet again another deceitful and disrespectful tactic Crisis Pregnancy Agencies (CPC) and other anti’s try to use is “racism”. Their false claim that abortion clinics target Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 10.00.12 AMnon-white women is not only a lie, it’s a disrespect lie they’ve devised to touch on a painful topic (racism) and again fear people into thinking as they want them to think.

The only time non-white women were at risk for becoming sterile due to abortion was when it was illegal (and sometimes white women, but it was mostly directed at non-whites). The one providing the abortion would, for example, agree to do the procedure but only if the woman agreed to having her tubes tied so she could never have children.

This racist, sexist and hateful ultimatums are not used in legal clinics nor was it a prerequisite for abortion; it was the terms required by the same people who are trying to scare women; those same people are the ones who want people to think abortion is based on racism (despite it going back to the times of Ancient Egypt) because they want to fill any and every woman possible with lies and misinformation.

Anti’s do not care for life, they care for controlling life; that’s all.

Anyhow, below is the truth of the matter regarding where abortion clinics are located… As you’ll see, there is no ‘targeting’ placement or racist ideology in the location of clinics.

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