Unwanted Pregnancies, Abortion, Adoption and Forced Birth

First, I apologize to my fellow pro-choicers and pro-abortionists for the passion which may come across as anger in this video. Sometimes my disbelief in these people and their heartless stances on innocent life blow me away. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me; but from personal life, and from academic and professional research and case studies I do believe fully it is far more moral and kind to abort if the woman wants to, than to be a forced mother, or, forced to put the unwanted kid up for adoption.

This is a very personal topic and it struck a nerve. I also apologize for the mess I am in, I was working on fixing my workspace when I saw this god awful anti repost and degradation of truth…So I had to make a video. A video of TRUTH for any and all who think like these …morons think. (Best word that I can use nicely to describe them).

( Also apologies as my iPad died at the end of my making the video lol. )

As I was working on getting a workspace together to make more proper videos, I got onto my tumblr page to post something and somehow stumbled upon two (at least) who took offense to a posted quote regarding unwanted children and forced pregnancy. It enraged me, I admit. This is exactly why I do not deal with Anti-choicers, they are so blind- by choice.

Before I continue I would like to add in upcoming videos and blogs I will be writing reports based on many years of research from respected and highly regarded professionals on everything from the developing of the fetus and how the mothers moods (i.e., not wanting the child, etc) impact the brain and thus outcome of the potential child’s life and well being, but also how it severely impacts their life once born, from day one. I’ve obtained a lot of research but have more to go through; soon I will break it down into individual videos and blog posts with references.

To bring a child into this world unwanted, unloved and to go through pregnancy like an incubator while hating or dreading birth is cruel; not having an abortion. To have an abortion, be the choice easy or hard, is sometimes the right thing to do, and in the case of the unwanted child, because I am the unwanted child and always was, will always be the best choice. Adoption (if you want to adopt, there are plenty of kids waiting) and raising an unloved kid is absolute cruelty. NOT ABORTION. Abortion, if not forced which statistics show it is not often the case, is far more moral than punishing the innocent and helpless.

To think that it is more moral to have forced birth instead of an abortion is insane. Not only can I tell you this from personal experience, but many decades of research which I have been gathering for a report to post, also prove this. One of the two said something along the lines of it isn’t fair to damn a child because of circumstance or something along those lines. I admit, I didn’t give either comment much attention. Anyone who thinks that having the mother give forced birth, raise an unwanted kid or give it up for adoption and then see how it turns out because, well, that’s just how it should be! Is absolutely delusional.

Some will strive yes, but watch for future videos which will include research and information on these thriving children. Maybe some are glad they were born; great. But the majority, myself included, weren’t and suffered and still suffer because of mind sets like these vindictive liars (they are liars indeed, in so many ways, including this).

We all know anti-choicers and anti-abortionists do not care for the real child only the fetus that is developing within those 9 months. This is further proven when these sort of morons try to say bringing an innocent life into this world to be neglected, unloved and unwanted and not carrying for the future of that child; the actual CHILD (not to mention in many cases the biological mother later on) is NOT PRO-LIFE! That is cruelty! That is some sick, sadistic test on an innocent infant  and I refuse to listen to any more of the anti-choicers devalue TRUE life under the false banner OF life…

All this, simply so they can see how it turns out or so they can make a choice they have somehow managed to convince themselves to be the right choice.