Abortion is NOT Evil or Cruel OR Murder-Adoption KILLS the Soul

Okay. I’m a bit angry…. Surprised?

There are already enough traumatized kids who need your help; go adopt them and stop trying to support the insane and illogical ‘thought’ that giving birth but giving it away, or, giving birth and forcing yourself through life ‘right’. That’s EVIL and CRUEL. There is no reason sex should be considered bad nor only a reproductive act. BY THAT SAME POINT ! people make mistakes and other times, it isn’t something they even forgot to do.

Who are you to tell us what is right and wrong? Keep it to yourself, yea, I’ll be posting research soon as I get a moment for two channels. Some ‘people’ though, they just make me feel totally mute and dumbfounded; then pain hits and there comes the anger. No child that was not wanted should be born. I am one of them. I’d have been better off aborted; you are right “PRO LIFERS”. But here I am. Your nightmare. 🙂

I know kids come out of adoption and abandonment and abuse and make it with no problems. But I don’t know where you get your 60 + years of research and case studies from but the majority of the time; that’s not the case. Mental illness in kids of mothers who simply do not want to have a child changes the brain structure of the developing organism, and it makes it more prone to mental illnesses along with other cognitive challenges.

And knowing you are doing this to a kid is moral?

I’m proud to have had 2 abortions. I’d never be so evil and cold and cruel as to bring a poor, sweet and INNOCENT LIFE into this world to be tormented like me and plenty others who DIDN’T miss the gene of mental pain and torment! You’re not pro-life; your pro-fetus, pro-you and sick.

unwanted children hurt.png

Call me whatever you want just never say I’m one of you sickos. I actually DO love kids; that’s why I’d never bring a child into a world that’s not ready for it.

Reliving a moment from the past lol. I have a similar video somewhere; let me get to the point. I made this out of emotional rage, that anyone dare have the audacity to harm innocence and then say they are FOR life when I’ve lived and seen the truth…

I have tons and tons of research backing me up on all I say, I just suck at time management, for one, and second I do a lot of stuff sadly I can’t just focus on this. So if you DO care research FACTS from NON-BIASED resources; make YOUR OWN CHOICe and if you feel that’s adoption fine; I just disagree. But that’s your choice; I’m not telling anyone what to do with their possible child; anti’s need to learn how to do that, too.

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