Doctors Being Forced By Law to Lie to Female Patients…

As Anti-choicers frantically try to find a way to keep women in our place, in Texas:

The state’s two largest anti-abortion groupswhich had already been squabbling over strategy — find themselves looking for new legal avenues to press their cause, and appear to disagree on the best path forward.

Republican lawmakers were quick to promise an “onslaught of pro-life legislation” when they reconvene in January. But so far, anti-abortion activists appear to be at a loss for a clear, new strategy to push abortion restrictions.

So they are doing what they do best; creating deception and situations and issues that aren’t there, in a vain attempt to keep women in ‘our place’.

In a 5-3 vote, the high court overturned HB 2’s restrictions requiring Texas facilities performing abortions to meet hospital-like standards, and for abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic. But even in legal defeat the law had an effect, leading to closure of more than 20 abortion clinics in the state.

The justices also set the bar higher for states trying to limit access to abortions, ruling that courts have an “independent constitutional duty” to review lawmakers’ reasoning for passing abortion restrictions and cannot simply rubber stamp new regulations based on broad claims about acting in the interest of women’s health and safety.

For Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life — two of the state’s most active anti-abortion groups — the ruling appears to be driving a further wedge between the groups as each considers its distinct agenda for the 2017 session.

“Emily Horne, a lobbyist with Texas Right to Life, said the group plans to focus its efforts on protecting fetal life. One approach, she said, will be focusing on banning dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortions, a surgical procedure typically performed in the second trimester of pregnancy.

That type of procedure was used in about 7 percent of abortions performed in Texas in 2014.”

I had a D&E abortion, in Texas ironically enough and I had no complications. In fact, I woke up 15 minutes later feeling like the weight of the world had been removed. There was no danger, the staff were amazing and I hope to one day thank them all in person…. Let me repeat something I note often: abortion is approximately just as  safe as going to the dentist; the only time abortion truly risks a woman’s health is when she is having to go do it herself or find a back alley doctor. To be pro-life you have to first care for women as well as the organism growing into a possible child.

Lives of women are at risk when abortion is made illegal, and we have to abort via other means. And history proves, and I can promise you from personal experience, we will obtain it. If you care for life you’d get over our differences and go about your life, and all pro-choice women will go about ours.



Meanwhile, Texas Alliance for Life appears more focused on administrative regulations. Joe Pojman, the group’s executive director, said its agenda includes increasing funding to the state’s Alternatives to Abortion program, increasing data collection on abortion complications and banning wrongful birth lawsuits, which allow parents to sue doctors for failing to properly warn them of the risks of giving birth to a child with serious abnormalities. [It’s the fact that this sexist womanizer wants to put mistrust and doubt in the mind of women when it is a possible stress factor for some; one that is not even based on scientific or medical fact….

Oh but it gets even more insane believe it or not…

“…also wants to build upon a bill passed last legislative session that requires abortion clinic employees to be trained in handling victims of human trafficking, possibly by increasing penalties for anyone who forces a woman to get an abortion.

“We are all aware human trafficking is a huge problem in Texas,” Pojman said. “Some of these women may be becoming pregnant and brought to abortion facilities and forced to undergo abortions. Somebody has to do something to protect these women.” “

No, thank you, I can protect myself just fine. Under your ‘protective arms’ I’d be dead. You are a shame to all real men. Secondly, abortion clinics are very careful in whom they admit. Human trafficking is an issue pro-choice actually cares about, and would not promote or cover up the facts. There is no affiliation with human slavery what so ever, except in the minds of those whom no longer have even a false argument- they are picking apart nothing trying to find one bit of hate to hold on to and stop us.

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