Summer of Mercy AKA Violence alert-Thank Every Clinic, Staff & Doctors

My main question is: knowing there are numerous clinics they are focused on (see below) knowing that the staff, doctors and of course the women going to her personal doctor are all going to be under immense hatred and deceptions, listening to hate words and cruelty; words of psychological, mental and emotional abuse- which is illegal I still fail to see how they aren’t punished at all for their stalking, abusive behaviors… Again knowing all this including the general locations and the new “summer of mercy” dates during which  anti’s from all around the country unite to spew hate, lies and harmful words that-to top it off-holds absolutely no warrant.

Their summer anti’s will stand and degrade good women and heroes. They will, in numbers larger than usual, will be aiming to emotionally harm women who are going for an abortion which is but a medical procedure. They will continue to  promote death and damn the actual lives that go in and out of the clinic, and it is set to begin July 16 and last until Juky 27th….

My question is….. Why don’t we, the Pro-Choice organize our own protest- one in solitary with each woman and every doctor. One that speak facts for ever lie
I honestly do not understand where these shells of human existence get their audacity or since of superiority.

The clinic  will remain open, for as founder of Trust Women, Julie Burkhart, stated:

“We are not here to be part of their sideshow — their circus. This is not fun and games.” She added, “Our work is not to oppose [abortion-rights opponents], it’s to help people’s lives and give people the health care they deserve.”

Like a nightmare relived,

“Law enforcement and abortion providers in Wichita, Kansas, are preparing for abortion-rights opponents’ plans to come to Wichita from all over the United States for a large-scale antiabortion-rights week of action spanning July 16 through July 23, the Wichita Eagle reports.”

What these simple minded and uneducated shells don’t seem to understand is abortion is going no where. They can protest and make things annoying and abusive for the strong women who bravely walk by their hateful, abusive words and they can try to threaten or “scare” the true heroes; the men and women whom work at abortion clinics nation wide, helping women proceed safely with their medical choice.

With all these dangerous anti-life / anti-choice stalkers, abusers and liars, some fatal dangerous as we’ve tragically seen…

“…death threats, stalking, and vandalism'” directed toward abortion providers, particularly given the increase in such violence between the mid-1980s and early 1990s.”

Security measures prepared in face of abortion opponents’ large-scale week of action

Eight local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are making preparations for the national antiabortion-rights gathering, the Eagle reports.”

Article cited found here. 


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