URGENT ACTION NEEDED- Public Comments on Deceitful, HURTFUL TX Abortion Law NEEDS YOU!

Four days after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down key parts of the state’s anti-abortion law (HB 2) as unconstitutional, Governor Greg Abbott quietly set a new anti-abortion strategy into motion.

This is an urgent call to action… Our right to not be mistreated by the state government of Texas ends July 31. Until then, you may publicly comment and speak out against this law. So, quoting the email I received real fast as this is urgent and will show you just how urgent.

“The public only has until Monday, August 1 to comment against the new rule before it could go into effect.
Like HB 2, this proposed rule is not meant to protect women and is not about “public health.” This is another blatant attempt by anti-abortion politicians to make obtaining an abortion as difficult as possible.
The deadline to speak out against the proposed rule is Monday, August 1 and it could take effect as early as September. Take action now.
Thank you for always standing up for reproductive right.”

And a important note to those in Austin, Texas, or anyone available to go:

“At the direction of Governor Greg Abbott the state health department is proposing a new regulation to force all women to have fetal remains buried or cremated following a safe, legal abortion.

A public hearing will be held on Thursday, August 4, 9:00a – 12:00p at the Department of State Health Services, 1100 West 49th Street, Austin, Texas.
****RSVP (link below) to attend and help us make sure health officials know Texans oppose unnecessary, politically-motivated restrictions on abortion.
The state health department has just scheduled a public hearing about the proposed rule in Austin on Thursday, August 4. “<<<Click here to RSVP!

Or click here to send in your comments.

Some more info for you.

While I’ve posted a short blog about the law they are trying to pass in Texas forcing doctors to give false (proven) information to women considering or having abortions. Additionally, a law to force women in Texas to have some sort of burial for the undeveloped organism -embryo or the fetus-, the insane anti-choice lawmaker claiming ‘TX will respect the unborn.’

This insult of a lies and attempt to guilt (by deception and …sickness) disregards truth, respect for women, respect for our overall well being and is blatantly clear what TX Governor Abott is doing.

As the Supreme Court has now, thankfully, done the humane thing and overturned anti-choice, pointless and harmful laws enacted upon TX  abortion clinics and doctors, he is going for broke. Trying to play on emotion and misconceptions spread by the anti-abortion movement, he is going for demanding all aborted fetuses be buried. I had a 2nd trimester and 1st trimester abortion.

Let’s take a moment…. annually approximately 91% of all abortions occur in the firstis abortion murder the answer is NO its not trimester 12 or fewer weeks’ gestation. (See pie chart) …What is there to bury!? Abortion via the abortion pill is nothing more than blood, like your period (my experience on what it’s like can be found on my YouTube channel, or by clicking here). 

What would women bring in?
 Unlike what anti’s want women to think, no, there is no “infant” or life for that matter, to be seen or found! Especially in the first trimester. What you have is not a life but an organism dependent on the woman’s body to grow; it is a developing, potential, possible life!

Honestly, it’s not hard to see through what they are doing or their selfish lies and attempts to try and deceive those unaware of abortion truths

I’d also like to add, one of the most recent research reports on abortion regrets for first and second trimester abortions,  remained in accord with many decades of research on the topic anti’s misquote, finding 99% of the women in their study didn’t feel they’d made the wrong choice nor did they feel regret over the abortion. Most studies of women average at 96% don’t regret their choice. More on this below.

So this law, in short, would, quoting the Texas Tribune:

“The new rules would prohibit abortion providers from disposing of fetal remains in sanitary landfills, instead allowing only cremation or interment of all remains — regardless of the period of gestation. Abortion providers currently use third-party special waste disposal services.
With little notice and no announcement, the proposal was published in the Texas Register on July 1, triggering a 30-day public comment period. That prompted outrage from the reproductive rights community, which accused state leaders of putting unnecessary regulations on abortion providers and increasing the financial burden on a woman seeking an abortion.

Democratic lawmakers have questioned the rationale for the proposed rules, and why they are being enacted by the state health department without vetting by the Legislature. Because the proposed rules would not be in statute, it appears they will not require approval by lawmakers.