Idaho: Tell Patients To Get Ultrasounds At Anti-Abortion CPCs, Even Though….

Just.. Wow. Idaho and any anti state or people tend to be insanely good at lying to others; even when totally absurd!!! 

Though I have some videos to upload shortly but for now I have to share this… I will post more information and facts on how sick this is based on who and what the CPC are soon as I get in ….  Repost begins:

Idaho Tells Patients To Get Ultrasounds At Anti-Abortion CPCs
health agency is now legally obliged to post a list of places where women can receive free ultrasounds. While seemingly harmless — if not beneficial — the new requirement is actually deeply rooted in the state’s fiercely anti-abortion legislature.

“We’re not saying this is going to be a great ultrasound experience.”

The list, posted on the state’s health department website, is geared toward women seeking abortions. However, every single facility listed is a anti-abortion advocacy center. Often called “crisis pregnancy centers” or CPCs, these centers often lack medically-trained staff and are tied to religious organizations. CPCs are known for attracting women seeking an abortion with their promise of a free ultrasound, but then attempt to convince women out of an abortion by using nonscientific “data” and thinly-veiled guilt-tripping.

Idaho’s health agency has not inspected or certified any of the centers on the list. Republican members of the GOP-led legislature ignored demands by its Democratic members to confirm the listed providers offered medically accurate information. However, state law does require women recieve an ultrasound prior to obtaining an abortion. 

At the very bottom of the list, an italicized note reminds readers: “This information is not
intended to constitute medical advice or the provision of medical services.”

Niki Forbing-Orr, spokeswomen for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, told the Associated Press. “There’s no registry for this type of equipment in Idaho. Anyone can own and operate one.”

... Read more here. 

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