Exposing Anti/CPC Lies;Spreading Truth RE: Abortion & Adoption;Coming Up!

So! I’ve been gone for awhile as I’ve been doing other work but also planning where to go with my abortion blog and abortion YouTube channel… And now I’m ready to begin. At the end of the post is my latest video I made for the purposes of… reminding women they aren’t ‘murderers’ for aborting, nor is abortion wrong or a sin -and a lot more-. I am working on a new agenda and plans for abortion videos, as well as working on sharing some personal information and how I feel 4 years after my late-term abortion (relieved!)- along with abortion is not pro-life pro-choice is the moral way to goother abortion topics and anti-choice exposed lies with facts to back me up.

I am also starting a new page and YouTube Channel for adoption facts.

Because the CPC lies not only about abortion but also about adoption (i.e.,- giving false statistics, failing to mention the health of the child and the mother, failing to mention all the unwanted children in adoption and foster agencies/homes, failing to mention the state of them, as well as the money it brings in and the damage done to both mother and child, etc).

So I am starting a new YouTube Channel strictly for my adoption videos. While I disagree with adoption in the case of unwanted pregnancies, I believe it should be up to the woman to decide; BUT I BELIEVE SHE SHOULD KNOW ALL THE FACTS REGARDING ABORTION AND ADOPTION; AND I MEAN ACTUAL FACTS BASED ON REALITY, SCIENCE, MEDICAL RESEARCH, FROM WORLDWIDE STUDIES CONDUCTED FOR DECADES WITH THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

Anti’s have no right to try and guilt trip people into feeling like abortion is murder, it’s not, but they’ve no other argument. They find like minded doctors here and there along with sick politicians and try to claim their argument based on a few; ignoring the safety of abortion, the risk of worsening mental health for the mother and the future, child she was forced to carry. Abortion doesn’t cause mental illness any more than it increases ones risk of getting cancer or becoming infertile.

So, if the CPC and anti’s are going to spread their lies about adoption, show their false and twisted edited photos of dead babies (not fetuses or embryos, but babies), and if they are going to continue to lie about the facts, accept laws that endanger women based on lies that are good for their religion or personal beliefs -one belief should not be allowed to impact other lives but sadly, they do hurt women and they give misinformation and deception to women… We deserve better than that.

Their lies hurt women, families and children who are brought up either unwanted or in a place where they are exposed to horrible foster homes or if the parents do keep the child, they may be faced with abusive, neglectful, poverty, homelessness, not being able to provide material or emotionally, struggling with mental illnesses or other health problems such as addiction…  Another common reason for abortion is the mother already has too kids she is raising and can’t take care of another. That’s thinking responsibly when you think of what the FUTURE WILL BE LIKE- LOOKING PAST THE 9 MONTHS!

Whatever women decide it should be based on facts not internet lies and anti-choice fake clinics, protestors, falsely created ‘fact sheets’ intended to deceive or trolls. Abortion and Adoption alike should offered AS WELL AS HELPING THE MOTHER IF SHE WANTS TO KEEP THE CHILD TO BE BUT IS AFRAID. All these things should be offered and deception shouldn’t be tolerated.

So, I’m exposing the truth so women can make INTELLIGENT choices based on real facts not lies and deception and falsified internet articles or videos these sickos create.

Abortion and Adoption alike. I’m working on a video and blog time frame now…As well as a book of essays regarding medically, scientifically, legally proven on the neurological aspect of adoption on children and the birth mothers; which start in the womb as the fetus BECOMES what will one day be a child.

The horrible ways it tends to impact most of the mothers and future children –including me and my birth mother- is never discussed or mentioned. Anti’s only tell of how dangerous abortion is for the woman’s health -which is false but they somehow then fail to mention the real and documented life and health risks that come along with giving birth and giving their child away. When abortion is one of the safest medical procedures to have -when legally and safely done, which they are trying to stop….. Pro-life? Yeah. RIGHT.

 (Above is my latest video explaining -again- my pages purpose, reminding women they are not murderers for aborting and why, as well as some anti-choice thoughts as well as talking about my facebook page where I post a lot of news update pertaining strictly to abortion and women’s rights, that can be found – https://www.facebook.com/TheFight4Equality)