New Video- Reminder Time: Abortion is Not Bad, Not Murder; Abortion is CARE And a MEDICAL Choice

I’m really annoyed with these liars and cruel anti’s atm so please, bare with me..

I planned on making my next video over the weekend and I still will if all goes as planned, I have another project I’m doing right now but, after some anti-choicers on instagram annoyed me, attacked and ‘attempted’ to make me feel bad -which you will NEVER DO; abortion is a blessing to me and those women who have had it and know they are better for it, their future, or that they saved a life from being in a place it didn’t deserve, for the mother’s health, simply because she doesn’t want kids, or because she has kids and she can’t afford more; WHATEVER THE REASON, LEGAL, SAFE ABORTION IS A BLESSING AND HAS BEEN FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, EVEN IN THE U.S. FOR AWHILE.

Though you cannot make me feel bad or guilty (what is there to feel guilt for? I did the right thing, I saved my life and protected a developing potential innocent life from being born into a place of torment and other things; a place he did not belong, basically. I also saved my future with my abortion. I’m thankful and proud I did it. )

Again, though I will never regret, hurt or flinch because of what any of the cruel anti’s say, I see what they do to young teens and sometimes grown women; they make them fear going to a clinic so bad they are self aborting on their own. THAT is what causes a risk of death. Not having a legal abortion, it’s when women have to resort to doing it on their own or with a friend. Most of the women who have wrote me had abortion clinics including Planned Parenthood in their area, but were absolutely sure they could not handle being harassed by these anti’s, and so they self abort. I usually hear back from them after awhile; though not all….

I don’t know if it’s because it went okay and they are now over it or if gods forbid something happened to them ALL BECAUSE THEY WERE WORRIED ABOUT THE ABUSE ANTI’S SHOVE AT INNOCENT WOMEN!Yes, again, I am proud I had an abortion. I WILL NOT LET ANY ANTI MAKE ME FEEL I DID WRONG WHEN I KNOW IN MY HEART I DID IT WITH LOVE FOR INNOCENCE AND ALSO TO PREVENT MY SUICIDE. I am so blunt about being pro-ABORTION because I am so tired of anti’s trying to make abortion out to be a ‘bad word’. No. It’s a medical procedure. They only care about the 9 months of pregnancy when the embryo, fetus is forming and growing into what one day will be a baby. After that; they are gone.  IN MY MIND AS WELL AS ANY OTHER COMPASSIONATE WOMAN’S MIND those 9 months are not the vital or most important part of having a baby. THE FUTURE is what REALLY MATTERS! Life quality, matters! It matters far more than a developing, possible infant that is forming; not yet a child! (THUS NOT MURDER!)  Women’s life quality matters just as much as the future of the child she has, again, DEVELOPING; it’s HER choice and no one has the right to demean or abuse her for what she feels is right. Yet, while hypocritically claiming to be PRO-LIFE, these anti-choicers will do any and all they can, in person, online with fake websites, on forums, videos, etc to stalk, harass, mentally and verbally thus psychologically abuse the woman into making her feel she is something she is NOT. Such as:SHE IS NO MURDERER; NO SINNER; NO SLUT; NOT LESS OF A WOMAN! NOT GOING TO HELL AND NOT WRONG NOR SELFISH! IF these people were really pro-life they won’t attack innocent women who are doing their best right in front of a medical clinic. What selfish people. They show pictures of not fetuses or embryos but DEAD BABIES and claim that’s what will happen if you abort. ALL THEY DO IS LIE FOR THEY’VE NO FACT TO BASE THEIR CLAIM ON OTHER THAN PERSONAL OPINION AS WELL AS USUALLY THEIR RELIGION WHICH SAYS NOTHING OF ABORTION ANYWAY!What is wrong with having a medical procedure done to do what is right for your life and/or because you know what is right for you and for the would be child after you give birth? NOTHING IS WRONG abortion is a blessingWITH IT NOR IS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT IT! THEY WANT YOU TO FEEL THAT WAY; but it’s no more than them trying to beat false words and images into you and guilt you until you hurt so bad you join them, and/or give it up for adoption. There are more than enough unwanted kids being abused in the adoption agencies. They can go there and get a child if they wanted; but they don’t. Why is that? Ask them. They want the new baby…as if a new life is similar to …getting a brand new car instead of a used car. All yours! … That’s sick.