Another Update For the Interested.

I’m almost done with the so called ‘cosmetic’ side of this site and all that goes with it like the resource page for abortion, and

a link to my new page which is about why I support abortion over adoption. Now before you get all hot and bothered, I was adopted, too.

Not long ago I was a member of an anti-adoption group and somehow, it was taken as offense that I say I support abortion over adoption. So let me clarify. Once you are born, you’re now a person, congratulations, and I don’t think a person deserves any less than the best…especially a new little person.

What I am saying is, one reason I had an abortion (one of many reasons) is because I would never damn a child to the sick world of “foster care” or “adoption agencies” in this annually billion dollar industry. The children are not put first; the women are deceived, and CPS is beyond broken.

No child deserves the hell I’ve experienced; no child deserves adoption. I get a few people say they are happy. Good job. But for me and a vast majority, adoption will never, ever co-exist with, “happy”.

In other news, I will have my adoption awareness page up shortly… That page will be so women can have facts of all from the good to bad.

FINALLY, I’ve actually got a calendar and am organizing myself and my posts and videos! lol…. this is a big deal for me >.< =D