NY State Puts ACA-Like Health Regulation in Place for Women

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), created by President Obama, women received much needed contraception coverage. With the ACA under explicit attack by Donald Trump and his sort, there is at least one state looking out for women’s rights. I’m proud to say that state is New York, where thankfully, women need not fear too much. NY state has officially created a new regulation regarding birth control which is set to start in 60 days. A quote from the regulation follows:

“An insurer shall cover at least one form of contraception within each of the methods of contraception that the federal Food and Drug Administration has identified for women without annual deductibles or coinsurance, including copayments.” You can read New York’s regulation in full by clicking here.

Aside from New York state, a few other states have also mentioned seeking out ways to maintain at least one of the most regarded principles given to the people via Obamacare coverage. One of the other states speaking boldly about ACA like coverage in a post-Obama government includes Colorado, among others.

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