Help Save Women- Abortion Funds Emergency

For now just the icons on the side are available as I collect a list for a separate page with lists for states and abortion funding… Will be updated this week for sure. Added a page to help any of you buying the abortion pill online; it is a list of known fake sites not to buy from… you can check it out here.

Regarding funds and women though, here is my video mid-project 🙂

Also, I am buying an “I had an abortion” shirt and some other stuff from abortion stories zazzle shop, and was informed that unless you have the your safe search turned off, zazzle disappoints and for some reason censors abortion as adult content. So if you are looking to shop for abortion stuff on zazzle, make sure that you have your status off safe and more importantly, we should be contacting zazzle about this and asking them why they are doing this and demanding change…