Please Stand Up for Health Care for ALL

This post is about the moron Trump’s continued attack on anything progressive; the main point of this post being health care and medicaid access or denial for millions, men and women. Speaking of women in this I have to mention the progress we had made for women with President Obama as he made moves to help take care of women (no, nothing was perfect but it was better than this) and if this was all Trump was trying or is reversing that would be bad enough. But it is not. I am very much for abortion rights but this is beyond that as well as beyond reproductive health care; this is to tear down the two former mentioned yes, but health care for those in need, period.

And speaking of health his removal of funding for the EPA is going to further harm American’s, especially the poor. As he is wanting to deeply cut ENVIRONMENT care at a time we need it most (please research it) but that’s another issue I suggest you check out- his budget cuts towards crucial programs for humanity.

This is not just about women’s rights to health care, as noted. This is about the 24 MILLION PEOPLE who will be without insurance, and the estimated 26,000 who will die annually if they lose access to healthcare. This will only get worse, stand up against this, it takes a minute tops and that’s if you are a slow typer; more than likely, it’ll take you less. Stand up for your rights and the rights of others… Please.

Tell Congress to protect our Healthcare!

24 million more people will be left without insurance if we pass the new American Health Care Act, according to an estimate by the CBO. That is way too many people.

This bill will gut Medicaid, make insurance unaffordable for millions, essentially end abortion coverage in all insurance plans, and defund Planned Parenthood — all while providing tax cuts to the people who need them least.

Can you take a moment to ask your Members of Congress to stop this disastrous bill?

Click here to see what you can do, or to share the information with others from URGE.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently I am working on larger projects that will be published at set points in the future, as well as a more steady release of YouTube videos for both channels…but more information on that later. 



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