Abortion Providers, Clinics Facing Escalated Anti-Abortion Violence

is abortion okay abortion clinics abortion providers doctorsAnti-Abortionists have been violently, at times fatally, harassing and assaulting abortion providers and abortion clinics too often over the past years since Roe V Wade began. So it’s no surprise these deceitful, immoral ‘people’ are still around, but what is shocking is the latest research findings which has found that the rate of violence against American abortion providers and clinics is at its highest rate seen in the past 20 years.

I don’t know where they get their audacity. While abortion rights supporters have decades upon decades research conducted from all over the world by highly regarded, reputable doctors, scientists and other professionals and documented in numerous scholarly journals, books, research reports and other.

Abortion is not murder, period. Nor does abortion put the woman at great risk of death, mental illness, or cancer, as the anti-choice, anti-life activists want you to believe. In fact, abortion is in the top numbers as being one of the most safe procedures available so long as we keep it legal and accessible. Which means we also need to be protecting our abortion providers and abortion clinics from these anti-choice, anti-abortion terrorists [domestic terrorists, as noted by government]. 

Somehow, despite having nothing more than their opinion and self made facts, it is the anti-abortion, anti-choice movement who try to claim they are for life are better known as those who lie, taunt, harass, stalk and emotionally abuse REAL, LIVING humans. While the behaviors noted are twisted and offensive, the increasing violence abortion providers and clinics face daily.

I post this in memory of all those providers lost; providers like Dr. George Tiller, and also those attacked and still providing abortion access to women despite these domestic terrorists attacks. The 2016 National Clinic Violence Survey revealed some startling numbers and trends in anti behavior towards abortion providers and clinics. There was a peak in abortion clinic violence, with a terrifying, monumental 91.1% reporting experiencing anti-abortion activity of some manner within the first half of 2016 alone. Abortion providers personally reported anti-abortion activity to be at least once a week for 63.2% of these doctors. That said, almost half of ALL abortion providers, 49.5%, have had to cope with, or, had experienced a form of SEVERE violence and harassing. 

Severe violence and threats of violence are defined to include eleven variables: blocking clinic access, invasions, bombings, arson, chemical attacks, stalking, physical violence, gunfire, bomb threats, death threats, arson threats, as well as “other incidences of severe violence” and “other threats of severe violence”, as long as the described event matched our definition of severe violence and threats of violence.

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This violence is even more frightening because of the position Trump is in, along side the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has connections with Operation Rescue; an anti-abortion extremist group -this is one of many shocking beliefs, by the way. And if you don’t know the connection between Sessions and OP Rescue, please gain wisdom by watching Lizz Winstead in the below video which covers the entire history of Operation Rescue; going back to its earliest origins and brings anyone not up to speed on what kind of “person” Jeff Sessions is.