Black & Hispanic Children Missing, Media, Government Silent, #HelpUsFindUs

All the people who claim they love life and love children but are not upset, outraged and trying to do everything possible to assist in finding these children as well as what is really going on, are not pro-LIFE.
I hate using this as an example of reasons anti’s are truly not pro-life but it’s a sick truth. Their loud protests could be put to use for once if they got out and did some protesting for actual human beings; CHILDREN… for cases like this. This is a pro-life case, rather, caseS. Every voice counts, please share and see how you can get involved. Information to start with follows and will continue to be updated.

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

Please make sure you share this flyer for a vigil being held for the missing children in Washington D.C.., As much information as possible needs to be shared and seen by any and everyone so no one can play the ignorant card truthfully. And perhaps someone will even step up and help out these missing kids!
First of all, I was amazed to learn of the Rilya Alert, which is like the Amber Alert and does not seek to replace it, but instead it aims to be an extension of it for non-white children who are -as we clearly see- extremely under represented in the media as well as by government officials, despite the fact that an overwhelming number of kids missing are not white. You can check out Rilya Alert here.
amber alert missing children in washington dc.pngForprofit media is -not surprisingly- giving no play to this issue happening in
Washington D.C..
If you know…

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