Religious Women Have Abortions; Then Deceived w/ Lies That It’s a “Sin” or “Murder”- Dr. Parker, Christian, Tells Truth

Despite my being a person who is very spiritual but not at all of the Christian religion, I am so happy to see such an outspoken Christian talking about abortion care and abortion rights. Sadly, his life, like all abortion providers lives, is put on the line every single day simply because he chooses to “give women the same rights he has; human rights.” This is the ways of a decent human; and if you read the Christian’s bible, this is the way and teachings of Jesus. Not lies, hate and abusing women over abortion; an issue the bible never mentions. Christians try to twist passages around and deceive but if abortion were murder, and gods against it, he’d have made that clear don’t ya think? And we know abortion was a normal medical practice back then because we can look to the Ancient Egyptians who were the first known to have put history into writing.

For any of the people who want to know what a good person is, or what a Christian should be, look no further than Abortion Provider and Christian, Dr. Willie Parker. He is one hero in the fight for women’s rights and to proper medical care; additionally to my knowledge he is the only Christian abortion provider,… Or at least, he is the only one who -rightfully so- speaks out in support of abortion, as he should.