Another Reason Anti-choicers Are Truly Anti-LIFE

Originally posted on my Medium account.

Regarding all these anti-life aka anti-abortion laws being put in place to attempt and stop women from abortion has me so angry towards the name these nuts use: pro-life!? This is absolutely disgusting though sadly not surprising.Once again, these laws are just further proof of what I say and believe when I say anti’s are not only anti-choice but also anti-LIFE.

Those who put these laws in place cannot help but be aware of the fact that even when ILLEGAL women still were obtaining abortions, 1 in 3 women, which is the matching number of women who have an abortion today, 1 in 3.

So, the embryo or fetus (NOT a baby!) still will be aborted at the same rate as under legal abortion, the only difference now is an actual LIFE is now being put at risk of potential danger; that being the WOMAN’S life.

Only when abortion is illegal do women begin dying due to unsafe abortions either done by self inducing, by a non-professional or from infection that could have been prevented with a legal antibiotic given after abortions for safety.

But these people are okay with that. They claim to be pro-life but turn around, once again, and behave in an absolute ANTI-life manner.

The state, the church and random people who disagree and are perfectly okay with forcing their opinion on others by any means. They are fully willing to use anything from fear tactics, abuse, name calling to flat out lies and deception in a vain attempt to stop abortion.

They ignore the possible child’s quality of life, good or bad they don’t care; so long as they remain pregnant and give birth. Abuse, poverty, an unhappy home, or worse; adoption or foster homes..; unprepared parents, unprepared mother, the consequences of forced birth of unwanted pregnancies, resentment towards being forced to give up their life, dreams, freedom, etc because they couldn’t abort. Not to mention one but not anywhere near all of the damaging effects of unwanted births include the dramatic increase of risk for severe mental health, in both the possible child’s future and mother alike…

Those are just a few things that matter in life; the reasons for aborting are without a number. I am pro-choice, and believe she should have access to the REAL & medically scientific facts, and I am also pro-abortion, MEANING; if she chooses abortion, whatever her reason, she should be able to access a safe, legal and affordable abortion. Ideally without hypocrites outside attacking her. And no, abortion is not right for everyone; I understand that. But I stand by all women who it is right for because too many liars stand against us, without legitimate cause.

That is pro-life. It is pro-life to consider that the woman pregnant knows her situation more than anyone else, and if she feels it is the wrong time to have a child, that choice is the choice of a responsible human being; not a person who forces birth as if that is the only purpose in women’s lives. Be it for her future or for the well being of the potential child, or both, there is no wrong reason to abort.

Children are a huge investment of time, financial resources, mental, emotional and physical energy and stability, just to offer a few things people need if they are going to raise a child with all it needs and deserves. People who abort are making a choice out of love, care and the realization that it would be a crime to bring an unwanted, innocent baby into this world…those who can admit they aren’t ready and do what they feel is best take responsibility. That is caring for life.

And if anti’s supported life, they would disagree but not impose their beliefs on the lives of others ESPECIALLY after knowing it will be putting the females life at a much greater risk when it is absolutely. unnecessary.

I had a late term abortion in 2nd trimester and I do not regret it. Nor shall I ever; I saved my life and the potential of a life that would only suffer if he were brought into this world at this time. That’s love; that’s pro-life.

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