Anti-Choice Deceptive Online Advertising & Crisis Pregnancy Centers 2017 (America & England)

Below are resources regarding the 2017 update on Crisis Pregnancy Centers and the abuse of women, lies and deception, misinformation and bias used and told to women seeking abortion or to learn of all her options. I have included the American CPC report, and the report for those in England; both are highly disturbing and should be read.

. The sole aim of these fake clinics is to control access to information they don’t want women seeing, lying about abortion services and risks as a scare tactic, while also deceiving you with false information; taking your ability to truly make your own choice away.

Their latest tactic I’ll be speaking on soon; it’s mentioned within the report too thankful. That is, their latest deceptive advertisements…(pretending to be abortion clinics; even BUYING clinics to appear medical, even though they are not!)…deceptive advertisements online via google ads or buying a spot to land on the front page of search results while hiding behind the FALSE appearance of being an abortion clinic until they are certain they have “trick” the woman into coming in.

Please read the following information and go to check out the rest in the PDF file  (link at end) and help ensure you  and others become aware of these tactics.

For all women as well as pro-choice advocates in England, I am including a PDF of recent report on the same issues regarding the CPC & independent, deceitful pregnancy centers and independent pregnancy counseling services. For all in England, please CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS REPORT.

And for the American report, I’ve shared the first few pages of the report below, with a link to the complete and full report PDF following it, below. 

“The patient’s right to self decision can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an informed choice.”
– American Medical Association

Anyone seeking health care services should receive comprehensive, unbiased, medically and factually accurate information. Women facing unintended pregnancy deserve no less. When women are fully informed, they are better able to make the best decision for themselves about their reproductive health. Mindful of this, the anti-choice movement has for years tried to restrict, control, and manipulate the information women facing unplanned pregnancies receive.
To do so, they have built a national network of anti-choice organizations, some of them posing as comprehensive health care clinics called “crisis pregnancy centers”(CPCs)
What are Crisis Pregnancy Centers?
When we look at the overall strategy of ending abortion, not just in Ohio but nationwide, we have to have a strong federal strategy, a very strong state strategy, and then a local strategy to support our pregnancy centers.”
–Ohio Right to Life promotional video
CPCs are storefronts that use false and misleading advertising and the offer of free pregnancy tests or other services to lure women into their offices. Then their goal is to dissuade the women from exercising their right to choose. While some CPCs may provide appropriate support and information to women facing unintended pregnancies, many do not.
Many CPCs intentionally misinform and mislead women seeking pregnancy related information. In fact, some CPCs may force women to watch anti-abortion films, slide shows, photographs and hear biased lectures.
No CPC will refer women to an abortion provider and in fact, some may refuse even to provide information about or referrals for birth control.
These practices block women from making fully informed choices about their reproductive health and may endanger women’s health by delaying access to legitimate health care services.

Today, there are CPCs in every state and dozens of countries overseas.

Many are supported by one of three major umbrella organizations: the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), Care Net, and Heartbeat International. These three groups provide technical assistance and other support to CPCs including training, legal advice, organizational development, and financial assistance. Among them, these organizations boast more than 3,500 partner and affiliate CPCs.
Although such centers are still largely unlicensed, many havedeveloped in sophistication to such a degree that they now offer certain limited medical services. There are at least 800 CPCs that have converted to medical centers and nearly two thirds of the NIFLA affiliated centers operate as medical clinics or are in the process of acquiring ultrasound equipment.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Rely on Deception
A CPC’s ideal client is a woman facing an unintended pregnancy who is seeking information about all her options but does not have access to a regular doctor or health center. CPCs recognize that if they are up front about the limited nature of their services and their ideological agenda, they will lose this constituency. Instead, to attract women who are undecided or considering abortion, CPCs often present themselves as comprehensive health care providers. Their misleading practices may include questionable advertising tactics, providing dishonest or evasive answers when women call to inquire about their services or even selecting confusing locations or names that obscure their true agenda.
Below are just a few examples of the deceptive practices used by CPCs.
Misleading Advertising Tactics The Deception often starts at a woman’s first step in her search for information: Internet Searches and advertisements. Some CPCs list themselves in phone books or online directories under the headings “abortion,” “abortion alternatives,” “abortion services,” “family planning information centers,” or “women’s organizations to appear as though they offer abortion care or counseling even though the only “abortion service” they provide is anti-abortion coercion.
One of the most potent tools that CPCs have at their disposal is the Option Line, a joint
venture between Care Net and Heartbeat International that operates as a 24-hour call
center and web tool that transfers or refers women to the nearest CPC. During its first month in operation, the Option Line received approximately 2,000 calls and since then

has added instant messaging and email capabilities to its arsenal.

Please click here for the PDF file with the rest of the information every woman needs to know or have available to her so she can avoid these clinics or at least be aware.

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