Abortion Story of a Motherless Boy-When Abortion Was Illegal-Video

This is an abortion story told by the son of a woman who self-aborted during the time abortions were illegal. His story is very powerful, attesting to the forgotten and REAL LIVES (not a POTENTIAL life) of the children whom lose their mother when they want/need an abortion, but all the options are dangerous when illegal.

Making abortion illegal does nothing to stop abortion. It does too much, though, when it comes to the risk of danger and deaths of women for a process that is safe when done professionally.

When abortion is illegal or denied, (continues below)

*Update* I just saw the video stops prematurely lol. I will re-read the ending, which was the part I wanted to share the most, soon as possible. This is still a story worth hearing, however, it did at least get the majority of the story and the beginning of his thoughts.

women are forced to risk their lives for a medical procedure that, if legal, they would have abortion risk abortion safetyobtained and SURVIVED

It is too often ignored how many women are left behind after self-inducing a procedure that when done correctly would not have ended in death. We must remember and begin to focus on the women lost; form the mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, best friends…

This man was a child when his mother died from a self-induced abortion and is very keep abortion legalmuch against abortion being illegal, because had it been legal when his mother died, as he says, she would have had the procedure and lived (paraphrase.)

All these lives that go unnoticed are vital, and important; definitely more important than the embryo/fetus POTENTIAL of life that these anti-choice people care so much about. What about the ACTUAL lives that are impacted and ruined? Not to mention, the women who die when they could have LIVED?!

Abortion bans only make one of the most safest medical procedures today, abortion, dange
rous and too often fatal… If you are pro-LIFE, this would bother you. I wonder how many anti’s will care about this mans story?

This mans story can be found in the book The Choices We Made.

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