CPC, Anti-Abortionists -Under New Names- Using New Harassment Tactics Targets Women …Inside clinics!  

Well, if abusing women verbally, emotionally and stalkig, harassing, judging, or spreading false information about abortion, creating myths and lies that don’t exist (breast cancer has no link to abortion, EXAMPLE), posting online deceiving misinformation in addition to photoshopped photos or images of miscarriage fetuses or still borns, claiming them to be aborted fetuses, lying and accusing, name calling, posting more hate and false info via scare or shame tactics on message boards and social media, not to mention the racism of antis who try and make people think abortion is “Black or Hispanic genocide”, which is BS but not all they do. A few more deceptive things online to watch out for; these antis are now posing as fake abortion clinics online and maintaining the facade until they quote “have her” and she’s totally fulled. They even went so far as to not only pay for front page location but also by using google ads to reach women when the search for abortion info online. Further, some have bought clinics , others are working on buying medical clinics to further deceive women into thinking they are being denied abortions via this “abortion facilities.” Further they also are working to purchase sonogram machines; all of this is to make it look like a medical facility, even in person -despite them NOT being a medical or scientific professional. 

As if that list isn’t long enough, they are also now attempting to send their deceptive information to women who are INSIDE the real abortion clinics. I saw this briefly the other night; but more instances are popping up, known as “geo-fencing.”

Though the recent attempt has been barred _thankfully_ by a Massachusetts court, stating in part:

“In Court papers Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey claimed Boston-based Copley Advertising, which uses geo-fencing technology for location-based ads, had “the potential to digitally harass people and interfere with health privacy.”

This is good news for any clinics and women located in Massachusetts, but I have two things I want to add…

When anti-abortionists protest at abortions at their clinics, waving false, horrible imagery as they go on to scream hateful, untrue names and false claims at these women as they head into most abortion clinics, this is also harassmening women…  It needs to be  illegal both digitally and in person. Let’s call their “protests” what they are for they are a threat; and no stranger to violence and murder. 

And sadly, this being but one state, antis nation wide could and probably have or will start the same methods of geo-fencing to access the women via their phones with harmful, shaming and false bits of their non-factual opinions. 

Abortion laws need to be made federal; it’s too dangerous for doctors and women in states known for their sexist, hate filled views. 

Below is a few sites latest information on anti-abortion and anti-abortion tactics putting truth and women at risk:

Click here for the 2017 report for both U.K. & U.S. Crisis Prefnancy Centers (CPCs) latest actions and other important and related information I believe all women need to be aware of. 

For valuable information regarding the above mentioned ruling and abuses these anti-abortionists have begun to use. While thankfully it’s now been barred in Massachusetts, the info posted below as well as the info in link both hold valuable information, no matter what state you’re in. Located and cited article – click here. 

Another one I deem relevant is on the research methods and biases used in anti-abortionists claims and the type of method used in pro-choice/pro-abortionists. This should help anyone who worries they are actually one of the horrible lies the anti’s shout and try to seem legal via myths. 

Another article located in the AP (frustrated as I can’t locate link but if I find where I put it, I will) follows, citing a 2015 case and the numerous cities where these anti-abortionist, CPC affiliated lists have harassed women with the same digital deception of promoting lies or links to ask for alternatives to the PERFECTLY SAFE, ACCEPTABLE AND MORAL PROCEDURE OF ABORTION. 


BOSTON (AP) — A settlement with a digital advertising company bars the firm from using a technology called geofencing to direct anti-abortion messages toward women entering reproductive health facilities in Massachusetts, the state attorney general said Tuesday.The agreement was reached after Attorney General Maura Healey investigated whether Copley Advertising or John Flynn, a Brookline man identified as the firm’s manager and sole employee, was violating the state’s consumer protection laws. Copley denied any wrongdoing.

Geofencing allows ads to be directed to the mobile devices of certain people when they enter a designated location. The technology also allows those devices to be tagged so the messages can continue to be sent to the user through apps or web browsers for up to 30 days after they leave the location.

Consumers often don’t realize when they install an app that they are allowing it to disclose information about their location that can then be used by advertisers.

According to the settlement, Copley contracted in 2015 with Bethany Christian Services, a pregnancy counseling and adoption agency, and RealOptions, a network of crisis pregnancy services, to send targeted ads to the mobile devices of “abortion-minded women” entering reproductive health facilities and methadone clinics in 

New York City; Pittsburgh; St. Louis; Richmond, Virginia; and Columbus, Ohio. The ads would include links to services that encourage alternatives to abortion.

“While geofencing can have positive benefits for consumers, it is also a technology that has the potential to digitally harass people and interfere with health privacy,” said Healey, a Democrat. 

“Consumers are entitled to privacy in their medical decisions and conditions.”

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